‘Stray’ is even better with your cat


Lost It’s a damn near perfect game. Not seriously. The atmosphere is perfect, the story is compelling, and the game doesn’t linger too long. The $30 game is long and hard enough to keep you entertained without frustration. And now you can star your cat, at least on PC.

If you are not familiar with Lost, then you’re missing out. It’s a game starring a cat, which is almost enough information to buy it all on its own. And although it is not a very long game, you will probably finish it in five or six hours; It’s also not too expensive at just $30.

Our boy Coco 3

Set in the distant future, you take control of an unnamed cat trying to return to his family. The cat in question fell deep into a city one day, and the only way out is up: through a bunch of locked doors. Along the way, you will meet the inhabitants of the city, an inhabitant of robots. What happened to the humans? Well, I don’t want to reveal too much.

But the game is a beautiful sight to behold, and the story is engaging. Soon you will choose a companion drone robot that does all the translation and helps you discover mysteries and secrets in the city. The titular cat is adorable, but you know what’s better? Your cat. Well my cat is the best, but I’m sure you think your cat is awesome too.