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Super73 Launches New Adventure Series And Its Electric Bike For Kids – Review Geek

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Super73 just made every electric bike more capable.


While fans around the world await the Super73 C1X electric motorcycle, the California-based lifestyle company hasn’t stopped releasing new electric bikes. Today Super73 introduced a new Adventure series that updates their entire lineup, along with more details on their “K1D” electric bike for kids.

Based on rider feedback, the new Adventure Series updates the Super73 Z, S, and R lineup with several changes to make the brand’s electric bikes perfect for the great outdoors. The company then confirmed that its kids’ electric bike would be arriving in June.

Super73 adventure series

First up is the new Adventure Series, which is available starting today for all three main product lines. Users can now purchase the Super73 Z, S, or R in an “adventure” package, all with front suspension, a refreshed design, upgraded components, better tires, fenders, and upgraded front and rear light assemblies, among other things.

According to Super73, the company integrated years of feedback from its riders for this new model. The result is bikes with a battery relocated under the seat or in the down tube, offering a lower center of gravity for improved performance and handling.

More importantly, every Adventure series gets an adjustable front suspension fork, eight-speed cassette, all-terrain tires, and redesigned extended seats that are more comfortable or handle passengers better. Instead of the short, angled seat of the RX, you’ll now have a full-length, textured seat to keep you in place as you grab and ride downhill or through the streets.

“At SUPER73, we combine thoughtful design with the features passengers want in our vehicles. It is a combination of form and function that sets us apart from the competition and the SUPER73 Adventure series delivers in spades, which is why we are pleased to announce that the new line is now available.” said LeGrand Crewse, CEO of SUPER73.

Essentially, the Adventure series takes Super73’s three e-bike models and tops them off with top specs and features. These new bikes are available to order today, with the SUPER73 Z Adventure starting at $2,695, the S Adventure at $3,595, or the Super73 R Adventure at $3,995.

For non-Adventure models, the company also announced new Aluminum Metallic, Satin Obsidian or Satin Panthro Blue color combinations for select models.

Super73 K1D Youth Electric Bike

Super73 K1D electric bicycle for children.

Almost a year ago, Super73 confirmed that it was working on a new youth electric bike, called the K1D, for ages 4-8. Today we know that it will be more expensive than expected, but he will be able to get one this June for his son.

This is a BMX-inspired electric gravity bike with no pedals, regenerative braking, a moto-style seat, and a twist throttle all in a fun, safe, and lightweight package. Super73 says it will run for about 60 minutes on a charge, takes only 45 minutes to recharge, and has modular, adjustable pedals to grow with your child.

“When a driver releases the accelerator, the vehicle will use the electric motor to flow current back to the battery, slowing the vehicle and using regenerative braking to charge the battery. This feature means longer-lasting brakes, longer battery life, and an inherent safety measure in place to further protect youngsters who can modulate speed on the throttle alone.”

The Super73 K1D has a red twist throttle that is quick to notice by kids. More importantly, it offers three different class modes that allow riders to learn to ride at lower speeds. Once a child is comfortable and experienced on the bike, parents can increase the modes or unlock a third “track” mode with even more performance.

Super73 doesn’t say how fast the K1D bike can go, but it’s likely to stay within relatively safe limits for kids. You can pre-order the K1D today for $1,295 in one of four fun colors, and it will start shipping in early June.

Then stay tuned for more details on the C1X electric motorcycle shortly.

Source: Super73


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