Table Covers: Get a custom printed design to suit the occasion


Family gatherings are incomplete without dinner on the dinner table. When we have dinner, we care for the table as well so that no food spill overs it. If the food spills over, not only it disturbs the atmosphere but can also mark stains on the table. Certain times the vessels we put on cause scratches on the surface. To prevent the tablefrom such scratches and strains, Table Covers are used. If you do not know what table cover is and how it works, do not worry as we in this article are going to discuss it. 

Table cover, as the name suggests, is a cover that is used to protect the table from scratches and stains. It is available in various designs. Generally, ornamental coverings are there to provide an additional level of protection. Certain coversare available individually while others come in a set. The set may include various things such as napkins, decorative pieces etc. To get a padded layer on top of the table cover, we can use table protectors as well. That being said, runners are used at certain times. Runners are a special type of cloth that just covers the central area of the dining table. 

These covers are generally available at online stores. If we want a custom printed tablecloth, then also we can do it with utmost ease. Moreover, the table cloths are available in different sizes as well as shapes. So if we have a unique table, then also we can find one as per the constraint. Generally, covers come in rectangular, circular or oblong shape. But yes, they can indeed be customized as per the requirement. Ready-made table covers do not have that tinge of affinity that customized ones have. 

Materials that Table Covers are made up of: 


Cotton tablecloths look simple and sober. Cotton material tends to seamlessly cover the whole table without any extra stretch. If we do not want to invest too much into materials, we can go for covers made up of cotton. However, it has its downsides as well. Cotton generally soaks whatever it catches. So, if we, by mistake, spill the food, the cloth will absorb. It might look dirty if the colour of the covers and food is contrasting. Another aspect of the cotton cover is that it can get wrinkled during a dinner session. So, before proceeding with selection, we need to analyse every aspect. 


Linen is one of the most commonly used materials for table covers. The more we use Linen material, the softer it gets. Apart from it, linen is considered to be one of the strongest materials. If we want to add a tinge of luxuriousness at the dining table, we can go for Linen material or a Stretch Spandex Tablecloth linen. One downside of linen material is that bleaching is not suitable for it. It tends to lighten the colourful cover and hence, it is advised to not go for that process. Other than that, it is a wonderful piece of fabric that also protects against bacteria, making it a top-buying fabric for covers. 

Table covers as per the occasion:


If we are looking to decorate our dining table for a particular season, say Christmas, then we can go after particular designs that suit the occasion. We can go for a Red-and-White cover if it suits the dining table. All Green cover is also not a bad option. We can even get custom printed table cloth, in which we can design small Christmas trees. We can go a bit cartoonish if we have kids at home. 

Valentine’s Day

Red is the colour of love! And if we want to enjoy a special candle night romantic dinner with our partner, we can surely go for covers that are specially made for this occasion. White and Red colour table covers are also widely famous for this occasion. We can go for them as well. The table covers come in set as well. So if we are going for a cover made up for a special occasion, we can also get napkins and other items together. 

This was all about the Table Cover used for covering the dining table. There are plenty of designs available in the market. We can customize them and get them as per our need. We hope that the article has served its purpose and will help you in selecting a cover for your dining table that is pretty and decorative.