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Tencent Cloud to Power NEXONTOWN Metaverse Mobile Gaming App

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Quick grab:

  • NEXONTOWN is a metaverse platform that houses open halls, camps, classrooms, and conference rooms.
  • Users can interact with each other using objects and characters from Nexon’s online games.
  • NEXONTOWN allows users to communicate with each other thanks to Tencent Real-Time Communications.

Tencent Cloud partners with global game publisher, Nexon, to power the launch of the NEXONTOWN mobile app.

Now available in South Korea, NEXONTOWN is a metaverse platform that hosts virtual open spaces, camps, classrooms, and conference rooms, where users interact with each other using objects and characters from Nexon’s online games.

Developed by Tencent Real-Time Communications (TRTC), NEXONTOWN allows users to communicate via real-time video chat, with in-game item trading functionality coming soon.

“We look forward to more possibilities that will unlock the virtual world platforms. Accordingly, we are pleased to provide a complete metaverse solution including real-time audio and video services for NEXONTOWN, a mobile application that hosts virtual venues, driving digitization and opening more doors for various metaverse events and features.” Poshu said. Yeung, Senior Vice President of Tencent Cloud International.

In addition to TRTC, Tencent Cloud also offers game publishers around the world access to its interactive media and communication services, including Game Multimedia Engine (GME), Stream Services, Instant Messaging and Media Processing Services, among many other features. These services help game publishers to establish a comprehensive service platform for communication, interaction, and cross-product transactions for players of different games.

Tencent Cloud also provides a variety of metaverse-related services for enterprises, including virtual simulation, virtual cities and virtual campuses; real-time cloud rendering and digital twins; humans and digital avatars such as hosts, vendors, and customer service specialists; and avatars based on real-time capture and face swapping.

Sehyoung Oh, Department Manager, NPlatform Business Department at Nexon, said, “NEXONTOWN welcomes everyone to a world of virtual meetings and events, powered by high-performance, high-quality services through Tencent Cloud. We look forward to getting more benefits from Tencent Cloud’s one-stop solution, which makes NEXONTOWN’s virtual rooms, classrooms and conference sites more immersive, interactive and realistic.”

Tencent entered the metaverse in June with the formation of an extended reality unit that will build the company’s extended reality business, including hardware and fonts, led by Tencent Games CTO Li Shen.

In September, Tencent Cloud and Singapore-based Web3 company Strange Universe Technology signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to jointly create virtual world experiences for enterprises.


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