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That popular LEGO set you wanted just went up in price

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As if you haven’t already spent enough money on multiple awesome LEGO sets, earlier this year the company confirmed that several builds would see a price increase this summer. As of August 1, 2022, around a quarter of the LEGO catalog costs more money.

We’re not just talking about a few different LEGO sets. No, some of the biggest and most popular builds are over $70 more than they were last week. That said, many affordable sets either remained the same or only saw a $5 or $10 price increase.

Whether you’ve had your eye on that fancy LEGO Hogwarts castle, the famous LEGO Star Wars AT-AT Walker, or the LEGO Mandalorian helmet, they all received a pretty hefty price increase.

LEGO' Star Wars" helmet set

For example, the epic LEGO Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 was previously $379, and when it finally comes back in stock it will be $449. That’s a 19% price increase. Even the popular LEGO Friends apartment went from $149 to $180.

Basically, some of the more popular LEGO sets you’ve probably considered buying now cost a bit more. While we don’t have a full list of LEGO price increases, you can see a more extensive list on Jaysbrickblog.

So why is LEGO raising prices despite record profits throughout 2021? As you can probably imagine, everything costs more money these days. Lately, LEGO has “I absorbed these costs to keep prices stable,” but that is not sustainable in the long term.

In June, LEGO said: “The current global economic challenges of rising raw material and operating costs are affecting many businesses…as these costs have continued to rise rapidly, we have made the decision to increase the price of some of our games.”

It’s worth noting that LEGO mentioned price increases coming in August and September, meaning this could be the first of many more. So if you’ve been interested in a LEGO set that stayed at the same price, you might want to get it in the next few weeks.

via Brickfans

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