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The benefits of having a key lockbox

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No doubt, key lockboxes have many benefits, and they are now considered to be a good alternative to fake stones or even doormats that many people use to hide their keys in their homes. Also, leaving your spare keys on top of door frames or under the doormats is a bad idea.

With a key lockbox, it allows you to give entry to other people when you are not at your home like door walkers, cleaning workers, or even Airbnb guests. Remember that key lock boxes usually utilize a certain combination that you prefer. As a result, there is extra security and tends to be a cheaper option than changing your door locks. This article discusses the benefits of having a key lockbox.

Things you need to consider before buying a key lock box

Before you decide to purchase a key lock box, it’s important to consider how often you intend to use it. If you want to use it regularly, such as for cleaning people or you want to use it in a rental property with high turnover, then you should choose a lock box that can hang on your door handle or even doorknob. This can be convenient for the people who will be accessing your property.

Another good thing about choosing this option is that it gives them more chances of returning the keys when they complete using the property. Also, you need to avoid locks with a push-button. This is because buttons that are used regularly tend to wear and tear in the long run. Worse still, push-buttons make it easier for some people to see the numbers you are pressing.

Therefore, if the key will only be used occasionally, or even if you just need to have a backup when you are locked out, then you may have to think about getting a hidden box. Keep in mind that hidden boxes don’t usually feature a locking mechanism. But depending on how you desire to use the lock box, they can sometimes be more secure than traditional lock boxes.

Further, if your property is in a cold or wet climate, then you can consider a key lock box that comes with a protective cover. In this way, this cover can assist both the dials and other components to resist corrosion or rust in the long run.

Benefits of a key lock box

A key lock box is an important item that every homeowner needs to have. This is a box that you can use to lock your keys utilizing an electronic password or even a padlock. Another good thing about a key lock box is that it can send you an email every time someone opens it. Other benefits of installing a key lock box include:


This is one of the most important things that a key lock box provides. It means you can leave your key in a place that is safe and easily accessible to anyone who wants to use the key.

For example, you can have friends coming from far away, but you can’t physically greet them. Worse still, if this is a surprise visit and it happens when you are on a trip, then the surprise visit can be ruined. It also means your visitors have to book a hotel room until you come back. The good news is that a key lock box can solve this problem.

Home showing

Aside from the flexibility that a key lock box offers to both you and your visitors, key lock boxes also come in handy during a house showing. With a key lock box, there is no need for the house seller or even an estate agent to be present.

The realtor may just need to have a code to access your home. Then they can give the home buyers a tour of the house as long as you allow them to do it. This option is usually great for vacant houses.

Therefore, if there is no realtor, it means the potential homebuyers can get a code from you, though this is sometimes not a good idea. This is because the presence of a realtor can increase the chances of getting the deal.

Also, in the past, there have been cases when some potential home buyers take the lock box just to prevent other potential buyers from accessing the house to avoid competition. The good thing is that there are some key lock box suppliers that have fixed this problem by offering a separate code for the key lock box.

As mentioned earlier, you can find electronic key lock boxes that send emails to you once someone opens them. Even better, because house showing is not any regular event as it has to be scheduled and authorized, the email that you get has the information of the potential buy and realtor. In other words, there is accountability, and these electronic key lock boxes can work like logs to give you some assurance.

Medical emergencies

While it may sound like a far-fetched thing to do, key lock boxes can save lives. Emergency medical personnel and first responders need to offer urgent medical assistance to people in need, so it’s important for them to have easier access to the property where they received the signal. But if the person who needs help lives alone, there are good chances that they may fail to open the door timely.

Therefore, the medical experts may have to decide to break down the door to gain access, which can take a lot of time to accomplish. Thankfully, a key lock box allows easier access to homes that have medical alarms. The truth is that it usually needs you to type in a code that can be in the database of the first responders.

As you can see, key lock boxes are known for being secure and durable. A good key lock box can even withstand at least 45 minutes of hammering. Regardless of this, it’s important to change the code regularly and keep it out of sight from the road. Therefore, you can choose to attach it to the side of your home.

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