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The best bike phone mounts of 2023

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night size

How to buy a bike phone mount in 2023

It may seem like a simple concept: buy a piece of plastic that looks like a phone holder and advertise that it can be attached to your bike, then start using it. But there is more to the conversation.

One of the first rules of thumb is to decide how strong you need this mount to be. Are you easy to ride and comfortable with one on your handlebars? Do you like to go hard when you ride your bike and need a more secure mount? How about a simple bag to store your phone and protect it from the rain?

You’ll also want to consider whether you prefer a universal mount or one designed to work with special cases. Some manufacturers offer bike mounts with specialized smartphone cases for added security, but those cases are not available for all smartphone models. That’s where universal mounts come into play; Although they are not specifically designed for any phone, they will work consistently with any phone in your pocket.

One last note: make sure the mount you buy will fit your phone. Some mounts are geared toward smaller devices with screens around 6.1-inches or smaller, while others comfortably fit the world’s 6.7-inch behemoths.

That conversation gets a bit dicey if you have a foldable phone, but you’ll only run into trouble if you plan, say, to use the Galaxy Z Fold 4’s 7.6-inch display while biking. As long as you continue to mount the deck screen, you are ready to go.

Nite Ize Wraptor on Cart
night size


  • Simple design with reliable latching system
  • heavy duty mount
  • Good price


  • Only ideal for occasional cyclists.
  • Bulky phones don’t fit as easily

Nite Ize Wraptor earned the title of best bike phone mount thanks to its durable construction, universal compatibility, and price tag of less than $20. It attaches securely to your handlebars using a stress-free installation process, while the rubberized texture helps prevent slippage.

The mount expands to hook onto your phone at each corner, then retracts to hold it in place. Most phones should fit the mount just fine, but if your device is exceptionally large (either due to screen size or a bulky case), there’s a chance this mount won’t cut it. Granted, there’s no advertised size limitation, but it’s safe to say that silicone straps will only stretch so much.

However, for most users who want a solid and reliable bike mount for their phone, the Wraptor is a great option.

The best overall bike phone mount

Nite Ize Wrap

If you need a bike phone mount that’s reliable and suitable for casual cyclists, you can’t go wrong with the Nite Ize Wraptor.

TSMATOL bike stand on bike


  • Low price
  • Fits a wide variety of phones.
  • Extra protection for the top and bottom of your phone


  • cheap materials
  • Uses a swivel mechanism to lock your phone in place
  • Not ideal for rougher terrain.

For anyone shopping on a budget who needs a heavy-duty bike phone mount, check out the TSMATOL Universal Phone Mount. It offers a stable metal clamp foot and a sturdy bike mount clip that will keep your device in the same place on your handlebars, even if you hit a few bumps in the road.

The expandable latch can hold phones up to 6.8 inches and even adds a bit of protection so it doesn’t break in the event of an accident. The holder can also rotate 360 ​​degrees, so you can position your phone however you like.

While it’s not a perfect phone mount, it’s mostly made of cheap plastic, it uses a twist mechanism to lock the phone in place, and it’s probably not ideal for rougher terrain, it’s $10 so it’s a good deal .

Best budget bike phone mount

TSMATOL universal phone holder

If you want to save some money when choosing a new bike phone mount, this mount from TSMATOL is a solid choice. It’s not perfect, but it’s priced at less than $15 and it’s pretty comprehensive.

Placing the phone in the Lamicall phone holder


  • robust design
  • Durable one-handed latch holds larger smartphones
  • Vertical and horizontal positions


  • The whole frame is quite large.
  • The different colors are just accents.

For mountain bikers, there’s the Lamicall Bike Phone Mount. It has a sturdy grip on your handlebars and will stay in place as you tear up the terrain, and the phone mount can be operated with one hand. The mount also adds a bit of protection to your smartphone to keep it safe from the elements.

Lamicall says the mount can hold phones up to 6.8 inches, absorb shock, and rotate between portrait and landscape orientations. The design is robust thanks to premium materials and construction, and you can get it in three colours: black, yellow and grey.

Admittedly, the colors are mere accents on a black phone holder, and the size of the entire package is quite large. If you can get past that, it’s a great option for anyone who regularly rides rocky grass.

The best phone holder for mountain bikes

Lamicall Bicycle Phone Holder

Anyone who finds themselves regularly tearing up the terrain on a mountain bike will enjoy the Lamicall Bicycle Phone Mount. It’s tough, durable, and can fit smartphones up to 6.8 inches.

Roam Bike Phone Mount on gray background


  • Weatherproof silicone latch
  • The mounting grip is impact resistant.
  • 360 degree turn


  • Bulky cases may not fit

If you need a sturdy phone mount to attach to a motorcycle or electric bike, the Roam Bike Phone Mount is perfect for you. It offers a durable design that clips securely to your bike handlebars, and the silicone web that holds your phone is weather resistant to stop accelerated aging.

The handlebar grip is impact resistant so it won’t bounce if you hit a bump, and the mount can rotate 360 ​​degrees.

The mount itself can fit devices up to 3.6 inches wide, but if your phone is particularly thick, thanks to a bulky case, there’s a chance it won’t fit into the silicone mesh. Beyond that, it’s a rock-solid phone mount for your bike designed to perform well on the road.

The best phone holder for road bikes

Roam bike phone holder

For bikes riding the open roads, the Roam Bike Phone Mount is a great option. With a sturdy silicone web to hold your phone, an impact-resistant grip, and a good price, it’s pretty much a no-brainer.

ROCKBROS Bike Phone Front Frame Bag on pink background
rock brothers


  • Weather resistant design
  • Ample storage space for all your belongings
  • Supports your phone for easy visibility


  • Will not fit phones much larger than 6.5 inches

A bike phone mount that doubles as a storage bag for things like keys, your wallet, and other small items can be exceptionally convenient. For anyone who wants to pick one up, you should check out the Rock Bros Bike Phone Holder Bag.

It sits right in the middle of your bike, so it stays secure and holds your phone a bit in case you need to open a map to see where you’re going. The bag is waterproof and dustproof and can store almost anything you need for a trip.

Plus, there’s a little flap at the bottom so you can route the headphones to your phone, if you’re still living that wired life. There are reflectors on each side so cars can see you in the dark, and you can use your phone’s touchscreen through the plastic shield.

Dealing with a bag to store your phone can be tedious, especially if you want to stop quickly and write a text. It’s also not ideal for larger phones with screens larger than 6.5 inches, or ones that are especially thick thanks to a bulky casing. Still, it’s a solid truck if you’ve decided you need a bag mounted to your bike.

Best bike bag phone holder

Rock Bros Bike Phone Bag

Mountable bags for your bike are great for storing a few necessities while riding, and this Rock Bros bag is perfect for those who also need a place to mount their phone. With a raised angle for increased visibility, a weather-resistant design, and a reliable strap, this bag is ideal for those who need extra storage on the go.


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