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The first beta of Android 14 doubles privacy – Review Geek

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And here is how to install it.

Justin Duino/Review Geeks

As promised by Google, the first Android 14 beta is finally available after two previous developer preview builds. The beta version doubles down on privacy and security while improving the user experience. Also, it is now stable enough for the average user to consider giving it a try.

Beta 1 doesn’t have many changes from last month’s DP2, but we can expect more improvements in future updates. Instead, Google continued to refine the experience, making subtle changes and making it stable enough for everyday use.

Users will find two exciting visual changes with the Android 14 beta, as Google changed the on-screen back arrow during gesture navigation. More importantly, it looks like Google is finally ready to improve the sharing menu, aka share sheets. Developers will find ideas for design aspirations, more sharing goal options, better graphics capabilities, and a host of security and privacy settings.

As shown above, the two most significant changes you’ll notice (over Android 14 DP2) are the new back button and sharing menus. The gesture navigation experience now has a larger and more prominent back arrow, which should help with gesture navigation, even for new users. Also, the back button matches Material You and wallpapers to match your device’s theme.

The redesigned and hopefully improved share menu is a welcome change. In Android 14, app developers can add custom actions, shortcuts, and more to the “share sheet,” giving users more options than ever before. I hope the behind-the-scenes changes clean up the sharing menu as well.

According to the Android 14 Developer Blog, Beta 1 will also introduce improvements to per-app language preferences, better privacy for apps and accessibility services, and new tools for testing app compatibility. If you’re a developer who hasn’t tested an app on Android 14, you probably should as the beta will reach more users.

Google timeline for Android 14, which points to platform stability for June and an August release.

Looking ahead, we can expect several more beta versions of Android 14 as the operating system continues to improve and meet platform stability requirements. Then we assume that it will launch in mid-August or early September, similar to previous years.

In the meantime, those with a Pixel 4a or newer can head over to the Android beta program website to sign up for the update. More details and installation instructions are also available on the Android 14 beta page. And finally, developers can test the Android 14 beta on an Android emulator.

Source: Android Developer Blog


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