At the Made by Google event, Google VP of Product Management Rose Yao took the stage to give us a sneak peek at the upcoming Pixel tablet. We say “sneak peek” because, unlike the Pixel 7 smartphone and Pixel Watch, the Pixel tablet will launch sometime in 2023.

Yao claims that the basis of the Pixel Tablet is Android. The device uses Material You to customize its color scheme to match your wallpaper and lock screen. He also notes that Google worked hard with developers to ensure the Pixel Tablet could take advantage of big-screen features like split screen and stylus support. And he promises that the new device would be the best way to experience Android on a tablet.

Google Pixel tablet showing screen "Wallpaper and style".

According to Yao, the Pixel tablet will also feature the Google Tensor G2 processor. With advanced image processing and machine learning on the chip, the Pixel tablet will have “personalized intelligence and understanding.” This intelligence makes tasks like video calling, photo editing, and hands-free help from the Google Assistant much easier on a big-screen device.

Yao also explains that Google surveyed tablet users and discovered something unexpected: tablets are home. According to the spokeswoman, the tablets are at home 80% of the time and are only useful for part of the day. So Google designed the Pixel tablet to be as useful as possible, even when you’re sitting down. The result is that the device comes with a charging speaker docking cradle.

Google Pixel tablet from the rear showing the speaker docking bracket.

Yao claims that this mount will charge the device, be useful 24/7, and offer new experiences for users. Yao highlights the enhanced audio and video experience provided by speakerphone support, plus hands-free help from the Google Assistant and the ability to use the Pixel Tablet as a smart home hub for his home. This feature appears to be Google’s answer to the Amazon Fire Tablet Device Control Panel, a smart home control center that you can activate with a charging dock.

Designed to be both a part of your home and a mobile entertainment device you can take anywhere, Yao calls the Pixel Tablet one of the most “versatile and adaptable tablets ever.” He could transform his tablet from something that sits in his drawer to a device that is an integral part of his life.