The iPhone could finally get an always-on display


Apple, 9to5Mac

Rumors of an always-on iPhone display go back several years. But it looks like Apple will finally introduce the feature in its upcoming iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. 9to5MacThe latest beta version of iOS 16 contains several references to an always-on display, including some wallpapers optimized for always-on display mode.

The wallpaper displayed by 9to5Mac It’s pretty interesting. It looks like the iPhone 14 Pro will dim wallpapers in always-on display mode to conserve battery life, similar to how the feature works on the Apple Watch. Presumably, custom wallpapers will look a lot like this official wallpaper when always-on display is enabled.

It’s frustrating that this feature is exclusive to the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, but the exclusivity about makes sense. Existing iPhone display panels can’t run at 1Hz, which means an always-on display will eat up battery life without a display refresh. This update makes sense on the more expensive iPhone 14 models, which are ditching the Face ID notch for a pair of hole-punch sensors.

And if the rumors are true, Apple’s entry-level iPhone 14 will use last year’s processor. It seems that Apple is intentionally holding back the standard iPhone 14, something that could help the Pro models stand out. Y reduce manufacturing costs amid global economic uncertainty.

Source: 9to5Mac