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The Microsoft Office app gets a new name and logo

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The term “Microsoft Office” generally refers to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other applications in the Office suite, but there is also a unified “Office” application used to organize and manage other applications. Microsoft has just announced that the Office app and website will get a new name and logo.

Microsoft revealed in a support article that Office.com, the Office mobile app on Android and iPhone/iPad, and the Office app for Windows will have a new name: Microsoft 365. There will also be a new icon, seen above, a hexagon with blue and purple colors. The company says you won’t have to do anything to maintain access to its apps and features, and standalone apps on the desktop (like Word and Excel) aren’t affected at all.

The Office app on Windows and Office.com has served primarily as a simple portal for your recent documents, while the mobile version is the primary way to use Word, Excel, and PowerPoint; those apps are still available separately, but the Office app bundles in a single download. Microsoft says more features are coming to the desktop and web apps, including a dashboard for subscription information and storage usage, more templates, and better ranking. Word, Excel, and other apps will still be separate on your desktop.

The name and logo come after Microsoft changed “Office 365” to “Microsoft 365” in 2020, as the subscription service now includes apps and services that have nothing to do with the long-running Office suite, such as Microsoft. Editor. . The app now wraps around the name of the subscription service, which should mean less confusion, anyway, after the confusing rebranding process is over.

Source: Microsoft

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