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Dubai has a reputation as a place to see and be seen, where Western influences have been mixed with traditional Middle Eastern elegance. The fine dining scene of Dubai is both diverse and varied, with choices from restaurants, pizza joints, markets, and even some local bakeries that offer the same level of flavors as some of their more prominent counterparts. In this article we explore the options Dubai has to offer – all you need to know is what you fancy!

Why Dubai?

Dubai burst into the global headlines a few years ago with its extravagant hotels, retail infrastructure, and most important of all, Dubai’s gourmet food scene. The stunning Emirates Towers lit up the city from their ochre tops, AED 200 million richer from their eye-popping opening night gala. A major player in the lifestyle, leisure, and travel industry. With a reputation for boosting economies thanks to its diverse opportunities. Buying a house in Dubai is now an option for those looking for a new home abroad without going too far out of reach.

Where can I eat in Dubai?

Dubai has been continuously developed for all its life span. The result is a wide offering of restaurants from different ethnic groups with each serving delightfully iconic cuisine with exotic twists. Dubai is a city filled with fun and joy ride with the ample offer of different restaurants with fair pricing.

 One great thing about Dubai is that there is a wide variety of food available for all to enjoy. There are exotic places to eat, local dishes, and everything in between. One dish worth trying without reservation is the Indian curry chicken. It is best when you get several pieces of roti with it and pour mango chutney on top. Its spicy and sweet flavors will leave you wanting more!

Benefits of Fine Dining restaurants in Dubai

Restaurants in Dubai use high class ingredients and sophisticated cooking methods to prepare meals every day of the week. There are also a lot of restaurants in varying price ranges to choose from so there’s something for everyone no matter the budget. Good taste leaves one with a fuller gastronomic experience without having too much worry about weight gain.

Where to eat a good meal with a good taste

Dubai is an incredibly diverse city with different cuisines to try out. Here are some of the best-loved spots where locals frequent for food with a good taste.

1. Mina Al Mutanabi – Fine Lebanese Cuisine

2. Zeus Bakery – Seafood and Delicacies

3. Somewhere Else – Mediterranean Desserts


Dubai is one of those places that have a sense of being lost in time. It is a city with a unique taste and good scents, good feeling and memories all together with its best possible skyline. The luxurious hotels, neon lights and high-end shopping not only give a lot to experience but gives a lot back as well. With its rich culture, perky attractions and food that’ll make your mouth water Dubai has been named one of the favorite countries by Forbes top 40 most amazing places to visit in the world.