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The ZiGGY Robot Will Find and Charge Your EV – Geek Review

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Safe charging of electric vehicles

ZiGGY is a sleek new autonomous robot that will find you a parking spot, wait for you, and recharge your electric vehicle battery while you’re out shopping, at work, or running errands. Not seriously.

We all know that charging electric vehicles takes longer than stopping for gas, so various brands are looking for solutions. EV Safe Charge company is a popular provider of end-to-end charging options, especially when it comes to mobile charging solutions. EV Safe Charge has even partnered with Jaguar for its new i-PACE EV to offer on-the-go charging options.

However, this week EV Safe Charge took things even further and introduced a completely autonomous robot that will charge your electric vehicle from anywhere. By that, we mean you don’t need to find a gas station or building that supports electric vehicle charging, and you don’t have to park at a specific stand. In its place will come ZiGGY, the electric vehicle charging robot. Well, something like that.

Here’s what EV Safe Charge co-founder and CEO Caradoc Ehrenhalt had to say:

“ZiGGY is a flexible and simple solution for virtually any office, shopping center or apartment complex to help meet the growing charging needs of its tenants and guests without costly and time-consuming investment in infrastructure and installation, if possible. . In many cases, especially in older buildings, adding EV chargers is not an option so far.”

The ZiGGY robot won’t hit the streets until sometime in 2023, according to the press release, but once it does, you’ll want to try it out. Electric vehicle owners can summon ZiGGY using a dedicated mobile app or from select in-car infotainment systems.

If you’re at the office and have a long drive home, ZiGGY will come to you and charge your car. If you call ZiGGY in advance, the autonomous robot will find you a parking space, reserve it and sit patiently until you arrive. Then plug it in to recharge after accepting the parking spot.

What about the speeds? According to ElectrekZiGGY will initially offer Level 2 charging speeds, but plans to upgrade to Level 3 fast charging at a later date.

Obviously ZiGGY is not packed with unlimited power and you will be able to safely cruise back to a base charging station in an office complex, airport or other places and recharge before the next customer. These little things could roll around various areas in the next few years, and the specific sites in San Francisco are already on board.

Unfortunately, the company isn’t ready to share charging fees or how much the service will cost, but you can expect a premium for convenience.

via Electrek


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