Things to do in St Louis

Once known as the gateway to the west, St. Louis is now a vibrant midwestern city lying near the junction of two great American rivers, Missouri, and Mississippi. The rivers form the border between Missouri and Illinois. A globally recognized sight of the city is the Gateway Arch, but there are numerous other attractions in and around the city.

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What to do in St. Louis

Jefferson National Expansion Memorial Park hosts the Gateway Arch, an incredible monument that symbolizes the city’s role in the past. A 625 feet high stainless steel arch has stood in St Louis since 1965, making it the tallest monument in the country. Elevators are running to the observation platform on the highest point of the memorial. The view is spectacular, and you can see the whole city with a unique look at the downtown.

In the same Memorial Park, you can visit the Old Courthouse built in early 1800. Familiar neo classic design with columns and a dome now act as an exhibition center that hosts the Museum of Westward Expansion. 

St Louis zoo is within the Forest Park, and it is a significant attraction in the city because of the 12,00 animals and 500 species. Among the most exciting animals, you can see gorillas, jaguars, Asian elephants, and others. There is no entrance fee, and you can see an innovative pavilion for animals with substantial polar bears and hippopotamus pools. 

Market Street is the city’s main street with numerous essential buildings. Sports fans will appreciate Busch Stadium, the home of MLB team St. Louis Cardinals. You can also find City Hall and Soldiers Memorial Building.

St Louis is home to one of the oldest big catholic churches in the Midwest. Close to the Gateway arch, you can find the Old Cathedral, the Basilica of St Louis of France built in 1834 on the location of a previous, older church of the same name. Within the complex, you can find the Old Cathedral Museum, where you can learn about the city’s history. 

If you want to see how life looked in mid 19th century, visit the Campbell House Museum. The three-story townhouse was built in 1851, and it is restored to the fullest with the rose garden, a gazebo and carriage house, and Victorian furnishing. 

 Helicopter rides St Louis 

Helicopter tours are a popular attraction in St Louis, with the most popular rides revolving around the Gateway Arch, but you can also explore the whole downtown area. Gateway tours can fly you over landmarks like Botanical Gardens, Forest Park, Muny Opera, St Louis Art Museum, Chain of Rocks, and Dam.

St Louis historical sites

Located on the crossroads of America and the border of South and North in the Civil war, St Louis has an illustrious history. Among the numerous historical sites, one of the most visited is Grant’s Farm that belonged to Union Civil War general Ulysses S. Grant. Besides the historic farm, you can now experience the wildlife preserve with Mirror Lake nearby and see Deer Park with bison, elks, and other animals.

Samuel Cupples House is on the campus of St. Louis University. It’s a historic mansion built in 1890 in the Romanesque Revival architectural style. The house is now a museum with 42 rooms, 22 fireplaces, and an authentic interior. 

Lewis and Clark Boathouse and Nature centre has exhibits and information about the Lewis and Clark expedition. In addition, you can experience the reenactment of their incredible journey. The best historical landmark for Native American history buffs is probably Cahokia Mounds, located near Collinsville across the Illinois border. There you can find the largest pre-Colombian village in North America with insight into the lives of local Native Americans.

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Bottom line

St Louis is a vibrant Midwest city with numerous attractions, including natural landmarks, historical sites, and museums. In addition, you can find diverse cuisine offerings, excellent craft beer, and don’t forget to visit the Gateway Arch.