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While movie theaters and Disney’s Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser Hotel can be fun, when you have millions of dollars burning a hole in your pocket, you can also combine the two and create your own. Right? Right!

Located minutes from Disney World, this massive Mediterranean-style mansion in Golden Oak, Florida offers just that, and it can be yours for a whopping $15 million. And while the 10,000-square-foot, seven-bedroom, 10-bath home is gorgeous in its own right, you absolutely must see the replica Millenium-Falcon movie theater inside.

Don’t get me wrong Disney Star Wars Galactic Hotel looks good, but this house takes things to a whole new level. It features a near perfect replica of the Millennium Falcon cockpit, with reclining leather seats and is fully decked out from top to bottom.

Another image of the Star Wars mansion home theater
Sotheby’s Real Estate

It tops the Disney hotel by offering a beautiful view of the ceiling space, an intense battle with the Death Star through the windows, light-up walls, and even a ladder that drops into the room from above. You’ll notice all sorts of control panels in the kitchen that look like a spaceship, and whether you’re a gunner, pilot, or engineer, chances are you can find a helmet somewhere.

You’ll find Star Wars memories throughout the home theater, along with a large custom movie screen to enjoy as many movies as you can handle. This is a Star Wars The dream room of fans and moviegoers.

As for the rest of the $15 million mansion, it features a beautiful pool with a rock waterfall, slides, and more to enjoy during the warm summer months. And if you want to drive around Disney World, there are four car garages or three car lifts to store even more classic cars.

And finally, when you’re a Golden Oak resident, you’ll get special access to Disney World and its Star Wars: Galaxy Edge section, a private shuttle, and even extended hours to enjoy the park once all the patrons leave. If you are a millionaire who loves Luke Skywalker, this is your house.

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