This game runs in the Windows Copy File dialog

The Inner Friend Glitchy Gameplay
The Inner Friend Glitchy Gameplay

If you’ve used Windows, you’ve probably looked at the copy files dialog several times while waiting for large files (or files from slow drives) to transfer. Now you can play a game inside the copy window.

GitHub user Sanakan8472 has created Copy Dialog Lunar Lander, a game overlaid on top of the file transfer graph in the Windows copy dialog. The project’s readme explains: “This is one of the most pressing problems of our time: you need to download a huge file from the other side of the world to continue your work. You literally can’t do anything but wait. Now there is finally a solution to this problem! Play the lunar lander on these attractive hills generated by the progress dialog. Time flies when you’re having fun! “

Sanakan8472 / GitHub

The game is much like other Lunar Lander games, where you take control of a spaceship that lands on the surface of the Moon (think Apollo Lunar Module) in reduced gravity. The challenge usually comes from the surface having hills or other obstacles that make a perfectly flat landing difficult. Copying a file from one SSD to another is described as “easy” difficulty as the graph is nearly flat, with a poor quality USB drive or network drive on a patchy VPN connection described as “hard” difficulty.

The Copy Dialog Lunar Lander readme jokingly references “other worlds you can visit” by enabling high contrast mode in Windows and changing the primary color of the system. There is also a difficulty selector accessible from the system tray icon, which changes the maximum speed for a safe landing.

The game is free and open source, and you can download it from the project’s release page.

Source: GitHub