This seasoning could be the secret to perfectly grilled meat


Alexander Raths/

We can’t all be grill masters, but we can hack our way to delicious meals. One of the easiest ways for grilling newbies to make juicy, flavorful meat might already be in your fridge.

Mayonnaise can keep grilled meats, including chicken and fish, moist and delicious. Because the seasoning is the perfect blend of fat, acid, and salt, it gives the meat exactly the flavor it needs. Simply drizzle it over your food before grilling or let it marinate.

The salt, vinegar, and fat in the mayonnaise will add flavor as the meat cooks. It also adds a crisp, yet smooth and creamy texture. Also, when marinated, a layer forms around the food that seals in the juices, despite the high heat of the grill, preventing the meat from drying out.

On delicate meats, like fish, a layer of mayonnaise is also an easy way to make the grill non-stick. The fat in the seasoning prevents the fish from sticking to the grates, so you won’t lose anything during the grilling process.

However, this is not the only delicious and creative way to use mayonnaise. It might just be the most useful condiment to have in your fridge!