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Tigo customer service: Tigo UNE telephone, chat, offices, social networks and Tigo help

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How to call Tigo? What is my closest Tigo store? o How to start a Tigo online chat? We answer all these questions by providing information about the Tigo customer service area. Telephones, service points, WhatsApp, social networks, and more.

Tigo UNE customer service is prepared to help Tigo UNE Colombia clients to manage their services and carry out procedures or inquiries about:

  • Tigo invoice and Tigo payment methods .
  • My Tigo .
  • Tigo IMEI registration and blocking of Tigo equipment .
  • Modification of services, change of plan or cancellation of Tigo contract .
  • Complaints and claims Tigo .
  • Information about Tigo business .
  • Tigo TV channels .
  • International calls Tigo .

Choose the Tigo customer service medium and get in touch with Tigo whenever you want.

Tigo UNE customer service

The service to the customer Tigo is tuned to provide support Tigo and helps customers when they need it in different means of Tigo contact.

Customer service Tigo is made up of several channels such as:

  • Telephones Tigo UNE.
  • Chat Tigo.
  • Tigo social networks.
  • Tigo stores.
  • Tigo Help Center.

Which means of care is better? If you want to experience personalized Tigo customer service, it is best to visit a Tigo service center. If on the contrary want to have contact with Tigo from home, you have the lines Tigo attention to the client, chat with Tigo, and social networks available.

Telephones Tigo UNE

The Tigo line is one of the fastest Tigo customer services means to manage and process services. There are several Tigo UNE telephones according to the type of service you have contracted.

The Tigo phone is available and at the customer’s service to carry out procedures such as:

  • Inquiries about Tigo plans and Tigo prepaid packages .
  • Check Tigo balance and consumption .
  • Process portability Tigo .
  • Request Tigo technical support .
  • Information about Tigo invoice .
  • Tigo UNE phone number to check the number of a Tigo sim .
  • Tigo customer service number to transfer balance to another Tigo line .
  • Tigo line to check IMEI.
  • Number to call Tigo Tigo voicemail .
  • Tigo hotlines to activate or deactivate Tigo Backtones .
  • Telephone Tigo customer service about inquiries and transactions.

If you are wondering how to call Tigo? What is the Tigo hotline? You should know that a Tigo advisor will attend to your procedures and requests. Here are the numbers to call Tigo :

Free from your Tigo mobile and landlines01 8000 415 409
From your mobile Tigo* 300
From your landline11801 8000 42 22 22
Tigo free line01 8000 41 51 98
Tigo sales lines01 8000 41 11 11# 503
Check my line number* 255 * 4 #
Transfer balance to another line* 327 #
Check IMEI of my computer* # 06 #
Listen to my voicemail* 123
Activate or deactivate Backtones# 1111
Know the menu of inquiries and transactions: Mobile store, Roaming, Subscriptions, gifts, etc.* 111 #

The numbers attention to the customer Tigo have time attention to the customer Tigo, these are:

  • Tigo UNE mobile phone service is available from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.
  • Tigo’s landline service line is available from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm.
  • Fixed service technical support number Tigo is attended 24 hours.

Tigo UNE home phone will give you information about service television Tigo and internet home Tigo and service to the customer Tigo cell line from offer information on areas postpaid Tigo and prepaid Tigo.

* 300 Tigo is a free Tigo line from Tigo UNE mobiles.

Chat Tigo

Tigo chat is another of the Tigo customer service channels that are available 24 hours a day through WhatsApp to attend and manage customer requests. Tigo UNE chat is managed by the “Bot Liza” which is a robot capable of providing Tigo help to clients and being in contact with Tigo.

If you wish to speak with a Tigo advisor through the Tigo UNE chat, it is available from Monday to Sunday from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm.

To access Tigo online chat you have two Tigo customer service options :

  1. Entering from the Tigo page and locate on the screen on the right side the Tigo chat icon called “Help”.
  2. Add Tigo’s WhatsApp number +57 300 330 00 00 to start Tigo’s chat with the robot “Liza” or with a Tigo operator within the hours mentioned above.
  3. Login to Mi Tigo with your access credentials and start Tigo online chat with an expert Tigo advisor to help you manage your requests.

Tigo online chat is available to Tigo home or mobile users with postpaid or prepaid plans. External users or future clients who want to consult about Tigo UNE services can also access the Tigo Colombia chat.

Social networks Tigo

The social networking Tigo is channel Tigo customer service where users can view and manage your requests as:

  • Always be aware of current Tigo promotions .
  • Solve doubts with a Tigo operator or request help from Tigo UNE .
  • See advertising and latest news about plans, prices, coverage or services in general.
  • Interact through photos and videos, always keeping in touch with you .
  • See Tigo help practical tutorials on managing services.

Tigo Stores

The Tigo offices or shops Tigo are the best channel Tigo’s attention to the customer to receive personalized attention and manage paperwork directly and quickly or important steps. At Tigo offices, clients can find:

  • Personalized Tigo customer service.
  • Sale of Tigo cell phones .
  • Pay Tigo bill .
  • Register Tigo team .
  • Obtain a duplicate of the Tigo invoice .
  • Recover the Sim Tigo .
  • Consult installation visits or technical support.

Enter Tigo stores and check your closest Tigo points or contact the Tigo lines to inquire about your Tigo service points or Tigo service center closest to your area.

Tigo Stores

The centers Tigo experience or care centers Tigo vary in their opening hours to the public. Check the Tigo page for available schedules.

Help you

Tigo Help is a means of Tigo UNE customer service for frequently asked questions, in which customers can see solutions and answers to common doubts or frequent queries. Tigo Ayuda turns out to be an excellent complement to Tigo’s customer service area for online information and support.

To enter the Tigo UNE help FAQ section, follow these brief steps:

  1. Enter the Tigo page.
  2. At the bottom of the page, select the “Help Center” section in the Tigo customer service section .
  3. Choose the Tigo service you want to consult or write about your question at the top of the screen.

Tigo’s attention on this channel is practical and simple. If you did not find an answer to your query, you can contact Tigo UNE through Tigo landline phone or Tigo online chat.

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