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If you have been in the business and working around SEO, you would know that the core of your plan revolves around Google. Being the most used search engine around the globe, knowing its algorithm updates matter the most.

But just knowing about the same isn’t enough. You need to update your SEO strategies accordingly. If you fail to do so, you might not just lose your rank on the SERP but also a major section of potential customers who prefer looking over the internet before physically buying a product or service.

It might be tough for a person to look over all the aspects of these updates. So, hiring an SEO agency in Perth is recommended.

You can even apply these tips to keep tweaking your plans to cope with the algorithm updates.

1.     Keep an Eye on Web Traffic and Search Ranking

Google prioritizes personalization, so search your most valuable keywords using the ignition mode of your browser. Since Google uses cookies and other types of identification, it will show you the most personalized results relevant to what you search.

This will help you curate the most updated keyword list that would ultimately help you maintain your rank of the SERP despite the impact of the algorithm change.

2.     Keep Yourself Ahead of Google Algorithm Updates

The best way to keep away the negative impact of sudden algorithm updates is to work ahead of them.

There are a couple of tactics that can help you survive regardless of the Google algorithm updates. Such as the creation of high-quality content, dynamic online presence, etc.

Plus, make sure the user website contains fresh information. Nothing is more frustrating than being served with age-old information that is of no use. So, develop a content calendar with the help of experts, like Marketing Sweet, and work accordingly.

Also, make sure your content fulfills the EAT principle of Google. This is the most effective way of withstanding the algorithm storm.

3.     Make Sure You are Visible on the Mobile Device Layout

With the most recent update made by Google, having a website that is suitable for mobile phone layout is necessary.

Since this update judges your website engagement based on the searches done on mobile devices, your ranking has a major impact based on the availability of your website’s device layout.

To optimize your website’s mobile-friendliness

  • Make sure your site is responsive
  • Utilize lazy loading and image compressor
  • Test your pops and functionalities on mobile devices before clicking the install button


We all are well aware of how powerful Google is. So, keeping up with its algorithm updates is necessary.

Yes, keeping up with the updates is tough because Google usually doesn’t publish any such statement before making these updates. So, hire a professional ASAP to ensure you don’t face the negative impact of these algorithm updates.

So, what are you waiting for? Schedule an appointment with the SEO Agency in Perth today to keep your website updated.

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