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Top 10 Sci-Fi Movies on Hulu

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Sci-fi selections on Hulu range from action to drama to comedy, including recent releases and big-name classics. Here are 10 of the best sci-fi movies to stream on Hulu.

Update, 9/27/22: We reviewed our selection and replaced the recommendations that left the platform. We’re pretty sure these are the best sci-fi movies available to stream on Hulu right now.

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child of man

Director Alfonso Cuarón blends cinematic bravura with a gritty post-apocalyptic story in child of man. Set in a future where a plague of infertility has left humanity in danger of extinction, the film stars Clive Owen as a government official hired to escort a young refugee into the UK.

He discovers that she is the first woman to become pregnant in nearly two decades, and multiple factions are after her in hopes of using her for their own agendas. Cuarón offers an exciting race against time, with impressive action scenarios, as the characters rush to get the mother-to-be to safety.

as true

A troubled young woman joins a dream study that soon begins to blur the lines between dreams and reality in the film from writer-director Anthony Scott Burns. as true. The laboratory where Sarah (Julia Sarah Stone) and her fellow participants are monitored and recorded is a retro-futuristic marvel, and Burns blends the technological ages with the same fluidity with which she blends the waking and dream worlds.

Instead of helping subjects sleep better, the study links their dreams and fuels the presence of nightmarish figures. Sarah is trapped in an ethereal dream world, and the audience is there with her.

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The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

It would probably be impossible to satisfy the fan base of Douglas Adams’ classic sci-fi novel. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxybut director Garth Jennings makes his film version an entertaining experience of his own.

The hilarious wacky comedy finds average guy Arthur Dent (Martin Freeman) accidentally surviving the destruction of Earth by an alien race to make way for an interstellar flight path. The unlucky Arthur travels the galaxy, stumbling upon various adventures with aliens who are just as clueless and bumbling as he is.

marjorie first

Adapted from Jordan Harrison’s acclaimed play, marjorie first it shows that fascinating science fiction doesn’t need much more than two people sitting in a room talking. The title character (Lois Smith) is an elderly woman suffering from Alzheimer’s who spends time with a “principal,” a holographic recreation of her (Jon Hamm) late husband.

Over the course of the film, Marjorie’s children and grandchildren interact with other cousins, exploring concepts of memory and family ties. It’s a quiet, contemplative film that uses its sci-fi structure to examine universal human emotions.

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There is an alien threat constantly lurking in the background of Gareth Edwards’ film. monsters, but the danger remains mostly off-screen. Instead, the film focuses on the dynamic between a journalist (Scoot McNairy) and the woman (Whitney Able) he is assigned to escort through a dangerous alien-infested zone.

It’s a no man’s land on the US-Mexico border, and the film uses the alien presence as a vehicle for social commentary. The central relationship is engaging, and the aliens, when they arrive, are suitably monstrous and impressive.


A highlight of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s action movie heyday in the 1980s, Predator is an intense and violent thriller set in the jungle with a dangerous alien antagonist. A team of mercenaries led by Schwarzenegger’s Dutch venture into the Central American desert to rescue a kidnapped diplomat, only to find themselves stalked by an alien that hunts humans for sport.

With a supporting cast of macho stars (including Jesse Ventura and Carl Weathers), Predator it’s a brawny action movie full of memorable lines. It also offers one of the most iconic aliens of all time in cinema, who went on to threaten humans (and other aliens) in numerous sequels and spin-offs.

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Writers/directors Zeek Earl and Chris Caldwell create a fully realized sci-fi world with just a handful of resources in Perspective. The film takes place in a kind of galactic backwater, where independent miners compete to extract a precious resource.

Sophie Thatcher plays a teenager whose father is killed in a dispute with another prospector, played by Pedro Pascal. The girl must then trust this adversary to safely escape the planet, in a fascinating adventure that brings elements of westerns to the lived-in futuristic setting.

robot and frank

Frank Langella stars as the human lead character in the low-key sci-fi drama. robot and frank. Frank is a retired jewel thief whose son buys him a care robot to help him while he suffers from memory loss. Frank is initially annoyed by the robot, but later recruits him to help him plan one final heist. Langella is great as the former criminal mastermind trying to hold on to his glory days, and the film uses the sci-fi concept of him to examine themes of aging, legacy, and regret.

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Save yourselves!

A pair of hipster millennials almost missed the apocalypse in deadpan sci-fi comedy Save yourselves! Brooklyn couple Jack (John Reynolds) and Sue (Sunita Mani) decide to spend a week in a remote cabin to reconnect and unplug from their constant internet addiction.

Meanwhile, Earth is invaded by aliens, which Jack and Sue don’t even notice until it’s too late to escape. The film balances its witty relationship humor with the absurdity of the cutest deadly alien invaders ever depicted on screen.

Source code

An inventive version of the well-known time loop formula, Source code stars Jake Gyllenhaal as a military officer who enters a time period simulation leading up to a terrorist attack on a train. He replays the same eight minutes over and over as he tries to find out who planted a bomb on the train, so the authorities can prevent a future attack.

Of course, there is more at stake than just simulation, and the film builds suspense and emotional engagement as the protagonist keeps going back to the beginning armed with new knowledge.


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