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Travel Guide: 5 Tips to Choose The Best Hotel for Vacation in Singapore

Now, people can book hotels easier. But, sometimes finding the best hotels in Singapore can be so exhausting. The main factor is that there are too many accommodation places in Singapore. Also, there are endless factors to consider when you have to choose a hotel. Such as: location, price, reviews, amenities, and so on.

It’s very often, when we have chosen the best hotel suited to what we want, we realize that those hotels are not the best, not even close to the expectation. So, you need to do a little research before finding a final hotel.

This article will be helpful for your next vacation to choose the perfect hotel. Here, 5 tips on how to choose the best hotel in Singapore.

Location is The Most Important Factor

If you only have a little time, try to book a hotel near to the tourist attraction located. So, you do not have to take a long ride to visit these places from the hotel. Also, book hotels near public areas, like supermarkets. Although the price is more expensive, sometimes it’s better to set a more budget for accommodation.

When you book a hotel through Traveloka Lifestyle SuperApp, you can check the exact location of the hotels first before placing a booking. Then, read a description to know what public spaces are near the hotel. That way you can spend less time on the road and money on transportation.


Setting a Budget

Before you decide to vacation, you must have thought about where to go. Therefore, in order to be able to visit all tourist attractions, make sure the budget for accommodation is not excessive. Set your priorities. This gets much easier to sort the hotels that will make a place to stay for vacation in Singapore.

Even so, it is not impossible that you can find a hotel that meets your expectations. In Traveloka, you will find many cheap hotels in Singapore, such as: Hotel Conforto, Aliwal Park Hotel, and Tai Hoe Hotel. Also, you will get discounts and promotions. So, booking now in Traveloka!


Consider Breakfast in Hotels and Other Amenities

Find hotels that offer free breakfast for their visitors. It also can help you save on the breakfast budget. No need to worry, many hotels you can find allow their visitors to breakfast even though for a cheaper room rate.

The same thing with breakfast, other amenities are important factors. Hotels without toiletries can cause problems for some visitors, especially toothpaste. Before you book a hotel through Traveloka, you must read the hotel’s description very well. Don’t be shy to ask about toiletries, breakfast, services, and other facilities if you need them.


Read Rating and Reviews

Don’t forget to take a look at reviews and see rating hotels. It is a great way to learn about a hotel from a different perspective. Even though the reviews are not always accurate, rating and reviews are very helpful to make you make a decision about the place to stay. By reading reviews from previous customers, you can find out how the service and cleanliness of the hotel are mostly not listed in the description.

Reading reviews is better to only look in the past year, the longer you probably will not give accurate reviews. Hotels will always upgrade their facilities and services.


Some Hotels Have Loyalty Program

Worth booking a hotel with a loyalty program, especially if you have a lot of traveling and often stay in a hotel. If you constantly visit the hotels with a loyalty program, You might be able to earn points, and in the future maybe you will get a free booking. 

At the end of this article, all the tips are about balancing needs and expectations for your holiday. Do you have a plan to spend your vacation time in Singapore? Traveloka has got you covered with exciting hotel and flight deals. 

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