Urbanista’s New True Wireless Earbuds Get Power From The Sun


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Swedish audio and accessory maker Urbanista has just announced a new set of truly wireless earphones that you may never need to lug around with a cable. And no, we are not talking about wireless charging. Instead, the earphone case receives power from the sun (or interior lights) to recharge your earphones.

Last year, the company released over-the-ear headphones with a strip of solar panel on top, but now they’re set to get even smaller. They’re called the Urbanista Phoenix Wireless Headphones and they look pretty cool.

Phoenix cocoons use exclusive Powerfoyle solar panels to draw power not only from the sun’s rays, but also from indoor lights. As a result, every time you put the earbuds back in the charging case, you’ll have some power to keep them charged.

Urban planner headphones worn by a woman
urban planner

As you can see, the headphones feature an in-ear design, offering advanced features like active noise cancellation and a transparency mode. So these aren’t just your typical cheap headphones with a neat charging feature. They’re also IPX4 waterproof, offer Bluetooth 5.2, multi-point support, and a USB-C charging port for quick recharging when needed or out of sunlight.

Urbanista says that the Phoenix should get 8 hours of playback on the buds and an additional 32 hours from the charging case. That’s likely with ANC disabled, which is on par with other Samsung and Apple shooters. Plus, every hour the case is exposed to direct sunlight, you’ll add at least an hour of charging power.

Being able to charge from the sun certainly sounds great, but we want to test how much the interior lights contribute to the overall power. Urbanista’s companion app will show owners charging status and power levels, not to mention options for EQ adjustments, switching from touch controls to the sides of the earphones, and more.

The company says its “world’s first Powerfoyle-powered wireless headphones” will be available in Q4 2022 and retail for $149.

Source: Urbanist