You may not know much about Volcon Epowersports, a Texas-based company that makes some pretty unique electric motorcycles. However, today the company introduced its first e-bike, the Volcon Brat, a fat-tire, full-suspension e-bike that looks ready to give Super73 a run for its money.

While the young company’s focus began with electric off-road motorcycles and e-UTVs, it is now expanding into the world of electric bikes. The new Volcon Brat is technically considered a class 2 moped-style electric bike and is completely street legal without a license. That said, it also looks as much like a motorcycle as it does a pedal bike, and it’s only $2,799.

Being a class 2 electric bike, the Brat can reach a top speed of around 20mph with throttle controller or pedal assist. The company says it’s capable of about 70 miles on a single charge, thanks to the 750-watt motor and 750-Wh battery mounted inside the frame. Note that you will likely experience lower range than that, especially if you use higher pedal assist levels or go full throttle.

Also, like many electric bikes, the company will allow owners to unlock a fourth “pedal-assist power mode” for off-road use, making the bike capable of more than 28 mph. For what it’s worth, the Super73-RX has similar claims for legal reasons, and I’ve taken mine up to 34 mph with ease. That said, the Volcon Brat has a smaller battery and we’re not sure what the maximum power output is on its 750-watt motor.

Considering the price, it comes with high-quality components, including hydraulic disc brakes, Shimano gears and components, and a cafe racer-style headlight. Plus, a color LED display keeps track of battery stats, speeds, mileage, and everything in between.

“While our brand was built on dirt, we are passionate about all things performance, and the Brat lives up to our expectations. We set out to enter the market with not only a high-performance machine, but also a bike that had style. The electric bike market is saturated with similar products, and we think the Brat stands out from the crowd in both looks and performance.”

As you can see, the Volcon Brat is a full suspension fat tire e-bike with an inverted front fork and rear shock, running on the popular 20×4″ tire size. Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the design is the fake gas tank, which is actually a lockable USB-powered storage box. That way, riders can toss a smartphone and keys in a safe place and recharge their phone while hitting the trails.

This exciting and stylish electric bike is sure to turn heads. Those interested can pre-order one today ahead of the November release date.

via Electrek