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Watch Robots Build a Ford F-150 Lightning – Geek Review

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Take a tour of the Ford factory in Dearborn, Michigan

Ford F-150 Lightning production at the factory.

Thanks to a YouTuber who visited the factory, we’re looking at a rare glimpse of the Ford F-150 Lightning production and assembly line, complete with autonomous robots. It gives us an in-depth look behind the scenes at Ford’s great factory in Dearborn, Michigan.

Vehicle manufacturing is a process that Ford has to the letter, but building electric vehicles is a whole new ball game. Fortunately, popular YouTuber Zack of Jerry Rig Everything, known for testing durability devices and building his own electric military Humvee, was lucky enough to walk the facility and record the process.

Interestingly, Ford’s Dearborn, Michigan manufacturing plant (the Rouge factory) is located in the same location where Henry Ford and company built their first vehicles. It’s a nice tidbit before Zack shows how each truck is built.

The video above gives us a fascinating inside look at the entire process. A look behind the curtains, if you will. And hey, maybe one of those trucks is someone’s pre-order.

It all starts on the top floor of the factory. All F-150 Lightning pickup frames and beds arrive pre-painted and are lowered to ground level one at a time to match electrical parts. At the manufacturing plant, I quickly noticed that there were far fewer humans than expected. Instead, there are autonomous robots everywhere.

Ford even has autonomous robots, known as AGVs (automated guided vehicles), that follow magnets on the road and move the chassis of each truck from one location to another. You will notice that the robots handle all the intensive work in each phase of production.

However, factory workers are stationed everywhere to integrate the wiring harness, mount the pre-built dash to each truck, turn and mount the windshield, and more. It’s pretty wild. Whether you bought a base model F-150 Lightning or opted for a Platinum, the process is relatively similar.

While we don’t necessarily learn anything amazing here, it’s great to see how everything comes together at the Blue Oval factory and how much of the process is automated. The YouTuber ends the clip by stating what we’ve already heard from Ford regarding production numbers. Ford believes it will be able to build 150,000 electric trucks a year by the end of 2023.

Source: YouTube


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