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What are badges on the iPhone?

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You saw the red dot with a number displayed in some of your apps, right?

It’s called a badge.

So what are badges on iPhones and what do they do?

Read on to find out!

What are badges on an iPhone?

Also called a “push notification count,” an iPhone notification badge is a small red circle that contains digits. They are attached to specific app icons to show you how many unread notifications you have.

For example, if your email app badge has the number 3, it means you have a lot of unread emails.

Now, where does the message notification icon appear on your iPhone?

How to view badges on iPhone

You can find the iOS notification badge on the right corners of the different app icons on your device.

It is also present in the Settings application You may see one next to General Y Software update sections when you start it. This is an indication that a new update is available for your iOS device.

Also, you can see iPhone notification badges in the Settings app under your name. These are meant to direct your attention to tips, backups, security threats, etc.

Activate / Deactivate Badges

To turn an iOS badge on or off, you need to go to Settings.

Then touch Notifications. You will see a list of apps on your iOS device. You can enable or disable specific notification commands, such as counting an iPhone wipe badge.

Now select any app of your choice. In the interface below, you will see Insignia under sounds. Go ahead to activate it On off using the switch icon.

You can now repeat the same process for any app of your choice.

To wrap

Like this, What are badges on the iPhone?

An iPhone notification badge is a small red circle found in the corner of various apps. Informs you of notifications in which you have not participated. For example, new updates or messages.

Of course, if you find any of them annoying, you can disable them. just go to Settings and customize them according to your preferences.

And, if you’re an order freak like me, you’re probably going through all your apps and fixing notifications. Pro Tip: You can group them into folders. Thank me later!


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