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What Are the Different Types of RVs That Exist Today?

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RV industry statistics suggest you can save as much as 62% when you choose an RV vacation instead of a hotel stay. 

Are you keen to join the millions of Americans who’ve opted for owning an RV to save money and vacation more often?

Before you get started dreaming of the places you’ll go and the things you’ll see in your RV, you’ve got some decisions to make. These are the main types of RVs to select from when you go shopping for a recreational vehicle. 

Towable Trailer Types of RVs

These are the best RVs for families who want the convenience of setting up camp and exploring their surroundings with their towing vehicle. There are towable RVs to suit even the smallest cars nowadays.

Travel trailers can accommodate between two and eight people, but you’ll need a large, powerful vehicle to tow the larger ones.

Some of the most popular RV styles in this category include:

  • Pop up campers
  • Lightweight campers
  • Toy haulers
  • Tiny travel trailers

Fifth wheel RVs are among the largest in this category. They require a very powerful truck and a special tow hitch attachment.

These large RVs and toy haulers measure between 25 and 45 ft. and feature many extra luxuries like slide-outs and onboard bathrooms.

Truck Campers

These RV types occupy the middle ground between towable and drivable campers. They comprise a compartment that sits on the bed of a heavy-duty truck.

Truck campers suit no more than two passengers and feature little more than a sleeping area. They’re a good choice if you and your partner enjoy traveling far and wide, stopping off for one-night stays at each destination. 

Some of these campers have pop-up canvas roofs and slide-out kitchens for added convenience. 

Drivable RVs

When you visit your local RV dealership, you’re likely to see three types of drivable RVs. These are:

Class A RVs

Class A RVs are the largest varieties of RVs available, favored by celebrities and the well-to-do. Some of them are very large and equipped with very luxurious interiors, expansive slide-outs, and extensive technological features. 

Class B RVs

Class B motorhomes are the smallest RVs in this category, popular among those who embrace the van life movement. Also known as campervans, these RVs boast small kitchens, flexible interior arrangements, and often have bathrooms.

Class C RVs

Class Cs have a van chassis and a sleeping or storage area built over the cab. They’re easy to maneuver and park, and typically have a bathroom and kitchen area on board. 

The biggest drawback of a drivable RV is that you’ll need to bring an extra vehicle on vacation with you. 

Get Going

When considering the best types of RVs for your vacation, your choice depends on how many people usually travel and how long you intend to vacation.

You should also consider fuel consumption and the towing capacity of your vehicle if you’re buying a towable RV. It’s a good idea to vacation in a rental RV before you decide it’s a good fit for you. 

Would you like to discover more helpful information to guide your lifestyle decisions? Browse our website for all the best tips.  

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