What does “iPhone findable after shutdown” mean?


If you are turning off your iPhone and see the message “iPhone Findable After Power Off”, you might be wondering what it means. Here’s an explanation, and how to turn it off if you want.

How does it work?

Starting with iOS 15, certain recent iPhone models (such as the iPhone 13) can be located remotely while powered off thanks to the Find My network and the Find My app. This is possible because even when it’s turned off, iPhone provides a small amount of backup power to the Bluetooth, UWB, and NFC chips. The feature can help you find a lost iPhone more easily, even if the battery has run out.

On supported devices, if you turn off iPhone, you’ll see “iPhone Findable After Power Off” on the “Slide to Power Off” screen.

The message
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If you tap the “iPhone Findable After Power Off” link, you will see a pop-up menu where you can temporarily disable the feature by tapping “Temporarily Turning Finding”.

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After that, the “Findable After Power Off” feature will be disabled until the next time you turn on your iPhone. But if you want a more permanent solution, read on.

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How to disable “Findable After Power Off” on iPhone

If you prefer that your iPhone can’t always be found when it’s turned off, you can disable it in Settings. First, launch the Settings app.

In Settings, tap your Apple ID name at the top.

In Settings, tap your Apple ID.

In your Apple ID settings, select “Find My.”


Under “Find My,” tap “Find My iPhone.”


In the Find My iPhone options, tap the switch next to “Find My Network.”

Flip the switch next to

In the pop-up warning message that appears, select “Disable”.

Warning: If you disable Find My Network here, you won’t be able to remotely locate your iPhone if it’s offline (not on Wi-Fi or cellular Internet), low on power, or turned off.


After that, “Find My Network” will be disabled and you will no longer be able to use “Find My” to locate your iPhone when it is turned off. Good luck and stay safe out there!

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