What is a Nuru massage? & special massage gel

Nuru massage

Within the world of massage and eroticism, there are different techniques that adapt to each type of person. One of these methods is Nuru massage, which comes from Japanese culture and provides us with benefits that are worth studying.

Erotic massage is an exclusive combination of the necessary with the good. Combining within himself the Western sacraments of healing the body, he is able to combine within himself a large number of good features that can present harmony to the body and soul.

Nuru massage manhattan has a long history, but always the attitude towards it was special, regarding the optimal relationship between a man and a girl. Even many years ago, he was considered an obligatory part of the sexual intercourse of companions, a means of rapprochement and acceptance of mutual pleasure.

The technique of Western massage is diverse and unique, because of this, the adherents of aromatic oils – the oily inhabitants of the country of the rising sun are not too lazy to create new platforms, including for fans of high-quality love massage.

From a large number of relaxation methods, it is difficult to choose something special, since any of them is unique from its point of view, starting from unusual ones, ending with measured and pacifying ones.

Truly one of the most common is the NURU system. Its peculiarity is that when performing this type of massage, a special dull gel is used, which does not have aroma and taste. Therefore, nuru massage is also called opera. The oily gel has no contraindications for use, in addition, it is suitable for everyone and everyone who wants to plunge into the bright moments of tactile feelings.

NURU love massage is the foundation of a healthy and strong body. He is considered the embodiment of hidden inventions, is able to arouse the freshness of the body, clean ideas and interpret reason.

nuru masasge

Translated from the Japanese language, the word “nuru” means “smooth” and “slippery”, and despite the fact that the origins of modern Japanese technology are located in ancient Tibet, at the moment, the demand and popularity of this massage is increasing not only in Asia and Europe, but also in the Russian Federation. Spas expand their own prospects in favor of providing these services.

The technique of performing Nuru is different from the classic love massage. Just imagine in your own imagination such an illustration: an attractive stately masseuse slowly and carefully applies a colorless nuru gel to her own body, moderately smearing it with her hands and fingers. After this, the young woman’s skin is glossy, moisturized and soft like velvet, because of which the feelings during the massage will be no less cute.

In addition, the general lack of gel aroma does not divert the attention of the customer from a portion of dazzling feelings. The soft glides of a woman’s naked body over the guest’s body are ready to ignite the fuse and excite, present indescribable feelings and open all corners of consciousness. The productive sexual energetics of the masseuse, her qualified approach are ready to bring the customer to the top of fantastic pleasure.

The key goal of the nuru massage is general physical and mental relaxation. It is done only with the use of a special gel, in the base of which – oceanic nori plants, natural details: chamomile infusion and agave religion, and moisturizers. An exclusive in its composition malleable suspension can improve the pleasure of relaxation and help the masseuse immerse you in a sea of ​​attraction and bliss.

To carry out a love massage for your lover, you need to consider in advance: a large diaper or an inflatable mattress for two and, of course, nuru oil, without which your thought will lose every reason. Choose the best place to perform the massage so that no one can tear and stir during you.

The duration of the session is usually from 60 seconds. All this time is enough to completely immerse yourself in the delicious bliss of attraction and to fully feel the sublime happiness from the contact of wet bodies.

Before the session, comfortably place the mattress so that it does not slip on the floor during the massage.
Tell the man to take off his clothes and place himself on the mattress more conveniently by relaxing his arms and legs, setting his own ideas for a wave of relaxation and rest.

You also need to be exposed, it is preferable to choose short hair up, so as not to cover them with malleable oil.

Begin to evenly and gently pour a few drops on the body of an illusory liquid, spreading it and distributing it moderately in all departments. A lot of oil is not required, quite quite slightly, to treat the body with a velvet membrane.

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The essence and key highlight of the Nuru massage is that it must be done with the whole body. Lie down on the guy a bit and start crawling over him. No need to reap too lightly, but noticeable touches and strokes. Use your arms, chest, legs, buttocks and lower back. Remember, any of your movements shakes the companion and makes his reflex terminations tremble.

Any centimeter of a man’s body will embrace ecstasy, and not a single angle should be thrown without interest.

In all Western love practices, the Thai massage base is the practice of exchanging sexual energy between partners. Japanese experts are convinced that only through physical contact during the massage nuru you can fully understand this technique and feel all the most vivid intimate feelings. The culmination of the session will be a general relaxation of the body and the liberation of the mind from frivolous daily ideas.

The uniqueness of this operation is that when the massage therapist gives pleasure to each zone of the customer’s body without contact, however, giving him an indescribable prerequisite for the energy of sex.

Thanks to the acquired ancient Eastern knowledge, the inhabitants of the land of the rising sun are aware that the inimitable tops of ecstasy are achievable even without sexual nearness. They touch the body with their hands, replacing them with good roundness of the chest and hips, combining the mind with bodily touches.

The technique of love nuru massage involves a massage of a man’s or a woman’s body under the body of a companion, in which both companions should be completely exposed. And this is the second significant feature of the operation.

Sliding hands and body over all hidden places brings indescribably good feelings, relieving stress and joint effort. A special line of the technique is a game of contrasts, when a fresh gel comes into contact with excited skin, and gentle glides promote and alienate the desired moment of ecstasy.

A love massage nuru can help you transform your intimate moments with a companion into a genuine pleasure. After an amazing session, the ideas will be cleared, you will immediately feel the influx of fresh physical and testament powers. An indescribably gentle Thai massage will give you dazzling feelings, reveal fresh facets of pleasure and bring a note of full-bodied relaxation to a string of steel everyday life.

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Nuru massage will leave you speechless

So far in the previous posts we have studied different massages of the oriental culture. However, the Japanese have not yet been fully detailed and the truth is that its characteristics are more than interesting.

Next we will see everything related to this massage and how you can benefit from it. Do not miss it!

What is this Nuru massage about?

“Nuru” means slippery. The masseuse travels throughout the patient’s body using her entire body, that is, not only does she use both hands, but she leans on each part of the body for a more pleasant experience.

How is this accomplished? Well, through a series of special oils that are placed throughout the patient’s body so that the therapist can move around each corner without being stagnant.

The mere fact that the patient lies down and completely feels the other person is already an incomparable plus. It has the advantage that you can practice both in a massage room and in a personal bed, although of course, in the second you will be much more comfortable.

For all these benefits, Nuru massage has become popular in many countries .

back massaage

How is it done?

How can this massage be done? Well, the truth is that there are no previous protocols. You just have to go to the oils in order to guarantee that the body can move over the partner without problems.

Then the masseuse will determine the best way to start. She will place her whole body on top of her and start to move in a determined way to give great pleasure and above all relaxation to the patient, which is finally what everyone is looking for after a long day.

It has become so popular that you can already practice it quietly with your partner in privacy. Before starting the sexual act it serves as a process to break the ice and as a preamble so that afterward everything is more pleasant.

Advantages of Nuru massage

  • The truth is that this massage has many benefits for the patient, since it significantly reduces stress on the client, thanks to all the massage received by the therapist.
  • The fact that it is a purely body treatment offers completely different sensations than using only the hands.
  • It can be used in the foreplay of the sexual act, where all our senses will get ready to have a much more pleasant encounter.
  • It is simple to do, you do not need a course or extravagant materials to practice it on your partner.

Where can I receive this Nuru massage?

However, there are cases in which many men do not have a stable partner at the moment and still want to feel the sensations caused by nuru massages. Can’t they be part of this movement? The answer is yes.

In Spain this is a trend that has deepened a lot in recent years. It is a part of the wellness industry, where people, both men and women, seek to look and feel good, since stress is part of their day to day.

This is how a series of spa and massage centers have emerged where different professionals in the sector, usually therapists use all their knowledge and techniques to offer a moment of relaxation and pleasure to the patient, without reaching the sexual encounter. For example, this center is exclusively dedicated to erotic massage and among foreign tourists who are on tour, it is a business on the rise.

There are different pages where you will find in each community and Spanish city different centers that offer services depending on the type of client that comes. Currently there are many massages available and each one meets different needs.

However it is a great option to get rid of all the problems that we have in our mind for about 30 minutes. After leaving the place you will see how you will feel renewed and with a vital energy that you have never had.

Should I receive this massage?

More than a massage, it is a comprehensive treatment where all your senses tone and unite with each other to find your inner self. Many times we live disconnected and with our mind focused on external elements that do not allow us to visualize the beauty of life.

With a nuru massage you can focus on what is most important to you thanks to the fact that a talented masseuse will put her whole body to make you feel special and value every moment you have.

So if you are thinking of going to one of these centers or asking your partner to do it, do not waste any more time. Nuru massage offers you too many benefits that you cannot waste.

NURU MASSAGE What is and where to buy the Nuru Gel?

Japanese massage made with a special gel

The Nuru massage is a melee massage. Nuru in Japanese means “slippery/smooth” and just the original Nuru gel is special in its formulation. Specially designed for performing the Nuru massage, made with a seaweed called Sphaerotrichia divaricate gives it the exact properties to make it slippery. There are some gels that add chamomile, azulene, and other minerals to get additional properties.

The Nuru gel is usually given in pairs although it allows versions between three and four people. It is similar to a mud fight, but with more erotic charge. In order for the Nuru gel to last and be efficient, the massage should always be given after showering and on a waterproof surface to prevent the Nuru gel from being lost due to the absorption of the skin or materials such as sheets or towels.

What nuru gel should I buy?

In the market there are different brands of nuru gel. In our catalog we have the ones that have given us the best results.

The important thing when choosing the gel is to read the instructions. Not everyone prepares the same. Some of the nuru gels come ready to use directly, without having to mix with water. This is very important because if you add water to a prepared nuru gel, what you will be doing is lowering the properties of the nuru and being able to go from slippery to sticky, just the opposite of what we want in massage.

Are there any nuru massage courses or manuals?

What if I use an oil that is not specially made with the algae Sphaerotrichia divaricata?

You can use other oils, mineral or vegetable oils. But it will no longer be a nuru massage . All oils have slippery properties, but they are not the same as nuru oil which is more viscous. Also if you use vegetable oils for the nuru massage as almond oil you will end up smelling like almonds and if you use a mineral oil you will not have an odor, but you will have filled your skin with an oil derivative, leaving it to breathe naturally and this is not very healthy for some skin.

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