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What is a POAP? How memories are transformed in Web3

POAP stands for Proof of Attendance Protocol. STERN

The “Proof of Attendance Protocol”, also known as POAP, is a digital marker for your life. They are minted as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in your account or wallet.

POAPs are used to mark participation or attendance at an event. Just as you might save concert or movie ticket stubs, buy pins at a sporting event or festival, or collect games from restaurants or hotels, a POAP is a digital version of that very notion, satiating our desire to collect items that mark our lives. experiences. throughout life

The origin of POAPs

POAP is a native cryptoculture project featuring an open source and community owned web3 ethos. POAPs have been seeping into crypto culture for a while since they were created in 2017 at ETH Denver. (A cryptocurrency conference held annually in Denver, Colorado, based on the Ethereum ecosystem.)

Because POAPs began within the Ethereum culture, which is deeply rooted in community and participation, it makes sense that POAPs flourished at crypto events, meetups, parties, and conferences around the world. POAPs started out as a niche cryptocurrency but have grown so much in popularity that, in April 2022, Warner Music Group announced a $10 million seed round of funding to partner with POAP to begin broadcasting POAPs at concerts for musicians who are on their music label

Major brands and events like the US Open, Lollapalooza, Adidas and Budweiser have partnered with POAP. To date, more than four and a half million POAPs have been issued to more than half a million POAP collectors.

How do you claim a POAP?

Claiming a POAP is easy. Depending on the event, there may be different ways to claim the POAP issued by the event organizers.

The most popular way POAPs are distributed is through QR codes displayed at events. All you need to do is scan a QR code with your phone and then enter your email address or an Ethereum wallet address. If you use an Ethereum wallet address, the POAP is minted on the Gnosis chain (formerly known as the xDAI chain) to prevent you from paying gas fees.

You can then migrate your POAP to the Ethereum blockchain, if you wish, by paying gas fees. However, it is not necessary to do this unless there is some utility for POAP that only works on Ethereum. This may be the case if a community uses the POAP badge to unblock restricted content or channels on forums like Discord.

As a temporary placeholder for a crypto wallet, POAPs can be reserved with an email address. Claiming by email is different than using your Ethereum wallet. By using an email, you create a reserve within the POAP system so that you can mint your POAP on the blockchain at a later date.

If you claim using your email, you can still enjoy the full functionality of your POAP by using your email to view your account’s POAP gallery, either through a web browser or an app on your mobile phone. However, it is important to understand that the POAP does not become an NFT until it is cryptographically minted on the blockchain.

Gallery of claimed POAPs
Gallery of claimed POAPs Colin Brightfield

What else can you do with POAPs?

You can do some fun things with your community of POAP holders to build engagement, like hosting a raffle or holding a vote. POAP.fun allows you to include all the POAP holders of your event to participate in a transparent and verifiable draw.

POAP.vote hosts a unique vote, it is a mechanism in which voters must be holders of their POAP in order to cast a vote. This is a great tool to gauge community sentiment or decide on community actions.

There are many possibilities beyond giveaways and voting because you can see the list of Ethereum wallet addresses that have claimed your POAP and this can be used to reward your POAP holders with airdrops or special access.

POAPs are fun

POAPs are a way to mark the moments of your life in a digital way that won’t deteriorate over time, take up an entire wall of your room, or get lost. We all form identities based on our experiences, and the modern world moves so fast that we can forget what we did last month.

In a world where our digital identities are increasingly important, POAPs are a new cryptographic way to foster community and honor nostalgia in a verifiable and playful way. I love collecting POAPs from crypto and web3 events I’ve attended, and I hope you enjoy the simple act of acknowledging that yes, in fact, you were there.

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