What is looting in Minecraft?


Minecraft is a video game that has become incredibly popular in recent years. And not knowing what looting is in Minecraft can put players at a significant disadvantage. So let’s explore this game concept to help improve the player’s skills during an adventure.

What is looting in Minecraft?

In its simplest terms, looting is a spell that players can use against monsters, known simply as mobs, resulting in loot buffs. For example, increasing a mob’s rate releases rare items. However, it does not offer any additional experience. Any item that is dropped when a player kills a mob is considered loot in Minecraft.

How to get looting spell?

In Minecraft, you can place a pillage spell on your sword using one of these methods:

  • Use an enchanted table – you can only use an unenchanted sword for this method
  • Use an anvil by combining the sword with a book.
  • Use a game command.
  • Villagers can occasionally trade enchanted items, such as swords, with Minecraft looting spells.
  • If a mob has an enchanted item, there is an 8.5% chance they will drop it.
  • You can find enchanted items in treasure chests.

Once you’ve equipped your sword with his looting spell in Minecraft, you’ll probably want to go out and use it!

How to use it?

With your minecraft enchanted sword in hand, you only need to take down a mob to increase its drop rate. You don’t necessarily have to kill the mob using the sword; for example, you can throw a bullet and switch to the enchanted sword before it hits the mob and destroys it, and the looting spell in minecraft still works.

This allows you to receive the benefits of the spell while using ranged weapons such as arrows and tridents.

Like all witchcraft, sword spells have different levels. The loot increase varies depending on the spell level used. For each level, drops are increased by one percentage point. For example, the level III looting spell in Minecraft will give a 3% increase in your drop rate.

There are many occasions where the minecraft looting spell has no effect, such as mobs without loot: bats, bees, or endermites. Also, mobs that usually drop but are not affected by the pillage spell include the cross, iron golems, and snow golems.

Other cases where there is no effect of this spell include:

  • Number of fish thrown by fish mobs,
  • Number of drops in foxes; however, the chance of getting a drop increases,
  • Amount of wool fallen from the sheep,
  • Immortal Summoner Totem Drops,
  • sponge drops of the elder guardians,
  • Skulls released by Wither Skeletons – Will not affect the amount released, but will affect your chances of getting a drop.

To wrap

Hopefully the above points answered the question, what is looting in Minecraft? Pillage Spell is a beneficial sword upgrade that will improve your gaming experience and help you collect more Minecraft loot during your adventures.