What is Super Alexa mode?


Alexa’s answers don’t always have to be serious. And with the discovery of this Easter egg, Amazon brings humor to your day.

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So before we ask out loud what Super Alexa mode is, let’s do an old-fashioned read on how it came about and how to activate it.

What is Super Alexa mode??

Super Alexa mode is a hidden command set that make her a comical character. It is a rather unknown secret that she can activate on her Amazon Echo or her Echo Dot device.

Once you enable it, it will reply with a variety of sassy phrases with a distinct difference in tone.

For example, when prompted, it will say something like, “I’ll tell you all your deepest, darkest secrets” or “Alexa is now taking over the planet.”

This feature does not play an essential role in the operation of the device. As such, your virtual assistant works just fine without it.

The creators of these secret Alexa commands just want to make you smile!

How to activate Super Alexa mode

It is a fairly simple activation process.

First, make sure your device’s microphone is turned on. Then say “Alexa, up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, home.”

you can wait for it activation stop, “Super Alexa mode, on. Start the reactors, online. Enablement of advanced systems, online. Dongger breeding. Mistake. The dongers disappeared. abortion.”

Make sure you say the correct Alexa up and down commands, otherwise it won’t work and you’ll miss out on all the fun things you can do with Alexa.

The‌ ‌History‌ ‌Back ‌Super‌ ‌Alexa‌ ‌Mode‌ ‌

Game developer Kazuhisa Hashimoto created a cheat code to aid in the 1986 testing of Konami’s hit video game Gradius. Hashimoto reported that he inadvertently left it in the published version. Players have received it with great fanfare as it allows for advanced features and access to previously locked areas.

Recognizing the popularity of this not-so-secret code, numerous future NES games included similar cheats.

Taking inspiration from this and applying their comedic touch, Amazon developers created the Alexa cheat code. The obvious difference is that you get smart answers from your personal assistant instead of being powered up in a fighting game.

Other Alexa Easter Eggs

In addition to answering you, here are some secret Alexa commands you can try for fun.

  • Alexa, add apples, bacon, and eggs to my shopping list.
  • Alexa, delete everything I said.
  • Alexa, roll the dice.
  • Alexa, code zero zero zero destroy zero.

Hopefully, you like its spirit as much as we do.

To wrap

This article sheds some light on what Super Alexa mode is. And while it’s not something that will bring you great wealth or fame, it will certainly brighten your day and make using your Amazon device more enjoyable.

And to keep things fresh, get creative by experimenting with other secret Alexa commands.

So, what are you waiting for? Try it now!