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What’s the Difference Between a Snapback Hat and Baseball Cap?

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Snapback hats are commonly mistaken for baseball caps due to the similarity of their purpose, which is for casual style. However, you have to take into account that these two particular headpieces are not the same, and they provide you with different aesthetics when a person wears them.

For today, I will provide you with the distinguishing hallmarks of a snapback hat and baseball cap and factors to consider which of them is better.

What is Baseball Cap?

Baseball caps are famously referred to as the “dad hat” because it is usually the headgear that we commonly see fathers put on. Also, they are basically flexible and would fit any casual clothing.

The primary characteristic of a baseball cap is the soft dome with a rounded bill. Also, they are usually readily fit, which means that they are not adjustable compared to a snapback hat.

They typically offer a universal size, but it may still be an inconvenience because it’s likely won’t suitable for your liking. Hence, you will have to carefully select the one that best fits you.

What is a Snapback Hat?

The snapback hat got its name from the adjustable snap behind the cap. You won’t find this feature in a typical baseball cap because it has a universal size.

Another hallmark of this type of head accessory is the large flat bill and printed emblems, texts, or sports team logo. Or you can add a personal touch to it by opting for custom snapback hats.

The snapback hat gained popularity in the 90s during the rise of hip-hop music. You typically see them being worn by popular rap artists like Ice Cube, Tupac, and Snoop Dog, just to name a few of them.

Nowadays, they are more than just a fashion related to the hip-hop culture. You can now find them as a contemporary aesthetic headwear that most men would wear.

Three Main Differences of Snapback Hats from Baseball Caps

The following are the main differences between snapbacks from dad hats—

  • Front Bill/Brim

As mentioned, the bill of the snapback hat is large and flat. On the other hand, dad hats or baseball caps have a more standard and curved bill.

  • Head Cap

The dome of the snapback hat is flat, hard and basically pre-shaped, while the head cap of baseball caps is round, pre-shaped and has a universal size, with the only difference being that it is much softer and lightweight.

  • Design

The larger bill of the snapback hats gives a flashier vibe, while dad hats are your typical headwear that’s suitable for everyday use.

Which One is Better—Snapback Hats or Baseball Caps?

The following are the factors you have to take into account—

  • Comfort

There’s a reason why baseball caps are popularly referred to as dad hats. Because they are comfortable and not flashy, which draws attention to the wearer.

  • Adjustability

In regards to customizability and adjustability, the best option is the snapback hat because of the snap belts that are located at the back end of the headgear.

  • Maintenance

Baseball caps are a lot easier to maintain in comparison to snapback hats because they are typically made of cotton and other soft materials.

  • Easy to Use

The snapback hat takes the point when it comes to which of them is more user-friendly. As mentioned, the snapback is typically adjustable, whereas the baseball cap has a universal size, and the fitting would be an issue if you have availed the wrong one.

  • Fashion

As mentioned, the snapback hat was popularized by the hip-hop culture in the 90s. In today’s generation, it has evolved into a well-known fashion statement.

You can use custom snapback hats if you are looking to upsize your overall style using this headgear.


All in all, the choice of whether you are putting on a snapback hat or baseball cap entirely relies on your personal preferences and intentions on how you are going to use the hat.

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