Why Carnival Themes are a Great Way to Celebrate Your Event

Why Carnival Themes are a Great Way to Celebrate Your Event

When planning a party, you have several major decisions to make – but one of the most crucial decisions you can make from the beginning is to decide on your theme. Having a theme can make your job easier when you think about it. First, you no longer have to think of the décor; even the entertainment is decided right then and there once you’ve chosen a theme. Also, when you mention to the guests what theme you’re having, it gives them an extra level of excitement – and of course, it gives your guests a chance to dress up for your party, too! But among the varying themes you can choose from (and there are tonnes!), the carnival theme has always been a crowd-pleaser – and it has long been a crowd favorite! But why are carnival themes a great way to celebrate your event? Let’s find out.

They’re versatile

No matter what kind of event you are having – whether it’s a birthday party, a corporate family day, a wedding, a product launch, or whatnot – everyone undoubtedly loves a carnival. It’s a theme that works with many, and it’s one of the few themes that work regardless of the age of your guests. We’ve seen more than a few couples and individuals have a carnival-themed event. It makes for a wonderful stand-alone event because no one expects a wedding or anniversary to have a carnival theme. 

It is a familiar event – most everyone we know has been to a carnival at some point, and more importantly, they have enjoyed it! Everyone knows what to expect, and they won’t be unduly surprised, and it doesn’t just work for young and old – it works for every demographic. It’s an incredibly flexible theme that works with small and big crowds, where you can easily set up side stalls and games or big rides like the Ferris wheel or a carousel from a fairground stall hire company. 

They’re nostalgic

Everyone is familiar with a carnival – and most people will have wonderful memories of one. So as soon as people walk in – even before they enter – they will be greeted with the sights, sounds, and smells they all associate with something pleasant in their childhood. It’s a familiar sight indeed – those balloons, brightly-coloured rides and stalls, the smell of candy floss and popcorn, and more. 

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They’re affordable

If there’s one thing that any event organiser will appreciate, it’s that carnival themes are more affordable. In fact, it is said that a party with a carnival theme is the least expensive party you can have because the food (which is often the costliest item on the list) is easily manageable and easy to procure – not to mention cheap and affordable. We’re talking candy floss, burgers and hot dogs, popcorn, ice cream and a host of other types of food that bring on a sense of nostalgia. And not only this – the food is an excellent option if you want a fundraiser since it gives you back a significant return on your investment. 

They’re easy to plan

Needless to say, they’re a breeze to plan because everything is pre-determined by your chosen theme. Since it’s a carnival theme, it’s easy to plan everything around it – from the games to the rides to the food to the entertainment and everything else.