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Why I prefer cloud gaming to a PC or console

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I’ve played more games in the cloud than on a dedicated PC or console since late 2019. During this time, I’ve traded the common limitations of native gaming for a more versatile, untethered experience. These are the six reasons I prefer cloud gaming platforms like NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW over PCs and consoles.

Instant access to games

Waiting for downloads and updates is one of the most frustrating aspects of gaming, especially for gamers with little time to spare. However, when it comes to the cloud, these obstacles are largely absent. Services like GeForce NOW, Xbox Cloud Gaming, and Google Stadia host and stream games directly from their servers, which means that from the moment a game appears in my library, I can play it instantly with no additional wait times.

Game updates are also delivered automatically as soon as they are available; I never turn on my machine only to find a list of titles that need a patch. That said, there have been a couple of occasions where a game on GeForce NOW briefly crashes, but these have been rare for me.