Why Is Renewable Energy Important?

Why Is Renewable Energy Important?

The world currently has around 1.65 trillion barrels of known oil reserves. While that might sound like a nearly inexhaustible supply, it’s not. In fact, at the present rate of consumption, the world only has about 47 years’ worth of oil left.

Given the dominance of fossil fuels in the energy supply, that number should give everyone pause. Today’s college students could well live to see the world run out of oil. If you’re wondering about the importance of renewable energy, that is one very good reason.

Are you looking for more answers to the question, why is renewable energy important? Keep reading. We’ll cover some of the key types of renewable energy and why they matter.

Why Solar Energy Is Important

Of all the renewable energy sources out there, solar gets the most attention. One of the big reasons why that happens and why solar matters is that the sun will continue burning for several billion years.

That makes solar the best long-term option for sustainable energy production. In the short term, it matters because solar technology has improved dramatically in recent years and has seen a meaningful decrease in cost.

That technology improvement lets solar put a big dent in residential and commercial energy needs. The cost reduction makes solar more accessible and practical for home and business owners.

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Why Wind Energy Is Important

Wind energy is another popular option among renewable energy advocates. Wind energy is somewhat less predictable than solar energy, but it also benefits from the fact that wind is naturally occurring.

You don’t need to burn anything or split any atoms to access it. All you need are wind turbines. Plus, you can set up wind farms on land that isn’t being used for other purposes, as long as the wind is strong enough there on a regular basis.

Why Geothermal Energy Is Important

A renewable energy source that gets less press is geothermal energy. Geothermal energy matters because, much like the sun, the molten core of the earth produced tremendous amounts of heat all day, every day.

Geothermal plants can use that heat to produce hot water or steam that runs electrical generators. Just as importantly, geothermal systems don’t fall prey to supply chain problems. Another country cannot cause economic problems simply by cutting off the supply of heat from the center of the earth.

Why Is Renewable Energy Important?

There are several answers to the question, why is renewable energy important. Renewable energy is, by and large, far less harmful to the environment than fossil fuel-based energy production.

At present consumption, oil reserves will start running dry in about 50 years. So, the world will need functional alternatives in place by then. Beyond that, renewable energy sources are less sensitive to supply chain issues. The sun will keep burning and the center of the earth will remain molten regardless of political changes.

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