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Why won’t instagram let me like posts?

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Your quick reply:

  1. If you liked a photo on Instagram and noticed that the faucet just snapped back into position, a popup says “action blocked‘.
  2. If Instagram doesn’t allow you to like posts, they may have detected a community violation on your account.
  3. Yes, some of the people who have an Instagram profile or a previous brand profile are not blocked with the same activities.
  4. When you are stuck on Instagram by repetitive activities, you have very few and limited ways to act in such a critical situation.

Instagram has an option where you can report any issues by tapping that button from your Instagram account settings, waiting up to 1-2 days for the issue to be resolved.

But, in case you are still facing the problem after that period of time or you want to get rid of the problem by knowing why it happened to you, in this guide you will have more solutions to fix the crash that stopped liking posts on Instagram once. . again. .

Because Instagram won’t let you like any posts:

Now, here’s a step-by-step guide that starts you off to find out why this happens when you won’t be able to like someone’s photos on Instagram.

If you have already uploaded too many posts or liked too many Instagram photos, or they were saved to your archive, Instagram will block your actions and you won’t be able to do anything on your Instagram account, even if it’s just for liking. someone’s post or following a person.

1. Too many likes:

If you have enjoyed too many Instagram posts, Instagram will take it as spam and stop you from doing it anymore. Now, if you see a blocked popup every time you tap on your device, confirm that the action is blocked for all cases, such as following or uploading to Instagram.

If you can still follow someone but don’t like their posts, this is a partial ban placed on your Instagram account that will automatically be removed after a certain period of time and that ban actually stays for up to 72 hours. So what you need to do in this case is to wait for the moment when Instagram automatically restores your access to posts like.

2. Instagram password shared with third party software:

If you have just shared your Instagram account details with a third-party tool to automatically like any of your posts, this activity will result in a temporary ban on your account and some Instagram posts that you may not like.

Password with third-party software

You would like to know how this happens when you share your Instagram login details with third party tools to automatically like your Instagram posts, the same app will use your account in that work to like other user’s posts and this is how Instagram count your account as spam account or bot account and block it by restricting your account posting, liking any other post on Instagram. Avoid sharing your account details with a third party tool and if you have, instantly change your Instagram password to bypass that lock again.

Fix Instagram video won’t let me like images Problem:

3. Violated Standard Community Guidelines:

You would not know how you hacked Instagram by posting videos or photos on Instagram. To find out, you need to know the standard community rules or abuse on Instagram. Remember that the community standards for abuse rules are the same for all social media platforms, maybe a little different.

Community standard guidelines have been violated.

In the standard community rules, it is clearly stated that if your posts act on someone’s prestige or damage someone’s image, it is against the community standards.

Even illegal posts in a particular community that damage your image in the social arena, your posts may be removed and your account may be temporarily blocked from such activities.

🏷 Adjust:

Simple solutions to this, you have to take some precautions:

1. If you are new to Instagram, please do not overuse your Instagram account by liking or following someone because Instagram considers it spam and will block you for a temporary period.

2. Do not post anything that goes against the Community Standards guidelines and flag it as abuse. If you have existing posts, delete them and then tap “Report a problem” on Instagram to fix the problem.

3. Don’t use third party tools and don’t share your login credentials with such apps to avoid getting locked out of your Instagram account if you have done it before, just change your Instagram password and add a second level of security.

Why does Instagram not allow me to do anything:

If you are unable to follow someone on Instagram, there are many reasons why Instagram restricts your action to follow anyone on Instagram and such a situation occurs when Instagram suspects your activity and considers it a spam account.

If you have been following too many people recently, too much like or share someone else’s Instagram posts, your account will be temporarily locked.

Now let’s find out what they really are and the detailed description of it:

1. I followed too many people:

You can follow multiple people on Instagram on a daily basis and if you use it incorrectly, your Instagram account will be locked for a few hours, maybe a week.

has followed too many people

Now if you are following random people on Instagram, Instagram will take it as if you should increase others’ followers and you will be frustrated as a bot not a person. If so, Instagram will restrict your access by not allowing you to follow other people on Instagram. So if you follow people too much on Instagram, reduce your rate of doing so every day.

2. Your account was suspected of spam:

If your account is suspected of containing spam, Instagram will temporarily or permanently block it. Either way, you are prevented from doing any activity on Instagram and when you try to follow or like any other person’s photo, Instagram will show you a popup that “action blocked‘.

Your account was suspected of being spam

This situation occurs when Instagram foils your account as spam or abuse and to understand this, you need to know the standard Instagram community guidelines where you will find what to post on Instagram and what not to.

In case it is an overuse of your Instagram account, you may see a pop-up in your account. Remember that the broadcast is for a limited time, after a few days the restrictions will be removed and you will be able to follow and like other people’s posts.

3. Internet has been disconnected:

This is a completely different indication that you will get if your Internet connection is very slow. Every time you like or follow someone on Instagram and you see that you have done it successfully and after a while every time you check the next list you don’t see them on that list.

Internet was disconnected

If you see the ‘Following‘but sometimes these disappear, this is because your internet connection is not working well at the time.

🏷 Correction:

The best solutions to this problem are to first check that the Internet connection is working properly. If you see a “Requested” option on your profile that you follow, the request means you have to wait until the person grants you to join their list of followers. In case you see the pop-up stating that your action is blocked, you need to wait for a while or report the problem to Instagram to fix such issues.

You can like someone’s post when Instagram won’t let you:

If you want to like someone’s post on Instagram when Instagram doesn’t allow it, then you need to make choices that might be helpful in achieving it. While you are blocked, please remember that Instagram will not block anyone who is familiar with the guidelines.

1. Report a problem:

You will see the option ‘report a problem‘in Instagram settings, you need to tap on the option if you encounter any kind of problem in your Instagram account.

report a problem

This option is introduced in Instagram settings to report any errors in their system and Instagram will definitely intervene if this happens from their server by mistake once requested through the option. Now reporting the issue may take some time to resolve this issue if you haven’t done anything wrong with your account.

report a problem

2. Wait 48 hours:

If you have time, wait at least two or three days to restore your account to its previous location. This is a recommended method if you find that nothing is working on your account.

wait 48 hours

Because sometimes Instagram doesn’t lock accounts permanently but instead locks them for a temporary period of time and just waiting a few days you will see access to your Instagram account restored and you can do all the things you were doing. in precedence. Now, this time, keep in mind not to overuse your Instagram account to like posts or follow random people on Instagram.

3. Change your password or disable third party access:

If you have ever used a third-party tool to log in or post to Instagram, please avoid this type of action in the future.

change your password

If you have used your Instagram login credentials in any third-party app, just delete the login from there and don’t repeat such activity again, moreover, to protect yourself, you just need to urgently change your Instagram password.

The bottom lines:

This article explains that if you see that you don’t like someone else’s post or you can’t follow someone on Instagram, this could happen due to Instagram server error or when you engage in excessive activity on Instagram, you will be temporarily blocked and that is the problem. it will automatically resolve itself after a few days.

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