Windows 11 introduced a new widget panel, giving you easy access to information like the weather, upcoming calendar events, and traffic data. Only Microsoft could make widgets, but that has now changed.

Microsoft announced in May that it was working on a way for third-party apps (software not made by Microsoft) to add their own widgets to the widget panel in Windows 11. The company has now released a new preview version of its Windows app. . SDK, along with Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 2517, which makes third-party widgets a reality. Developers can now start creating widgets for their apps, which can then be used on all Windows 11 PCs after the technology comes out of preview.

Widgets image in Windows 11

Microsoft says apps can create a single widget or multiple widgets, which can have a background image, text boxes, multiple buttons, and other features. Sounds like widgets work on Android and iPhone/iPad devices, but with a higher degree of interactivity. Microsoft explains in its documentation: “Widgets are not intended to replace applications and websites, but instead provide frictionless access to the most necessary information or frequently used functionality that people can immediately read/activate.”

It’s important to note that widgets are intended for “wrapped Win32 apps” – it appears that only Microsoft Store apps will be able to provide widgets, but that may change in the future. Microsoft also says that Progressive Web Apps installed through the Edge browser will be able to provide widgets “as part of a future release of Microsoft Edge.”

Source: Windows Insider Blog