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Wine Racks: Choosing the Best One for Your Preferences

A time might come when you will be interested in wine collection or are already thinking about having one, especially if you have been fond of them for a long time. Wines have documented history, making them suitable for collection. If you’ve decided to make a collection, start by looking for the wines you already have and the ones you would add to your collection. 

The next step is finding a suitable wine rack for your wine bottles. Most of the time, people new to wine collecting think that they do not need wine racks since they can place them on their countertops. However, wine racks are the best option if you do not have a wine cellar but want to keep your wine bottles arranged beautifully. 

Determine the Number of Wine Bottles

When looking for wine racks, make sure you always consider how many wine bottles you plan on placing. Some people over calculate the number of wine bottles they have, and in the end, they have no choice but to go back to the store and buy extra wine racks. It would be best to count how many wine bottles you have before checking out wine racks to determine the size. 

It is also an excellent tactic to buy wine racks with multiple spaces so that you do not have to look for additional ones in the future. You can get detachable wine racks that let you place the correct number of racks and avoid taking up too much unnecessary space. You can store the additional racks in your closet until you buy more wine bottles to stack them up with. 

Wall-mounted or Portable Wine Racks

Another excellent tip when choosing a wine rack is whether you want a wall-mounted or portable wine rack. Most would go for wall racks when they do not have enough space in their kitchen or countertop, and portable racks are suitable when you want to display the wine bottles out in the open. 

However, keep in mind that each has its cons and pros, such as wall-mounted racks can never be moved, while the portable racks can be placed anywhere you like. You should examine the space where you plan on putting the wine racks to determine what type you need. It is also imperative that you clean up the space so that you will not have any difficulty setting up the racks. 

Colour is Vital

You might find wine racks made from wooden material and think the colour is acceptable. You should know that colour is also crucial for wine racks because they need to blend in with the surroundings. Wine racks can often become an eyesore if you do not choose the correct colour that complements the entire space. Studying the colour palette and determining which combinations suit the space would be best.

Most of the time, you can go for neutral colours like grey, white, beige, tan, or olive so that you do not have to overthink the colour combinations. Ensure that you choose wine racks from reliable companies because some colours might look cheap, which can ruin the space’s overall appearance. 

Do not forget the different tips mentioned above to find the best wine racks for your wine bottles. You can also try collecting wine racks if you want some change now and then. 

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