Xbox Steals PlayStation’s Best Trophy Feature


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Players get excited! Microsoft just revealed a long-awaited (and much-demanded) achievement feature for its Xbox consoles in its June 2022 update, and we’re sure gamers of all varieties, especially achievement hunters, will be incredibly excited about it! she!

Now you can see ALL the achievements of any game. That’s right, even the super-duper secret hidden achievements, on your Xbox X/S and Xbox One consoles and from the official Xbox mobile app (Android/iOS/PC). The update gives you the option to choose to reveal achievements, if you’re curious enough about them, but it won’t reveal them by default.

Eden Marie, Senior Software Engineering Lead for Xbox Experiences, said: “If you don’t mind spoilers and want a hint about any of the achievements in the games you’re playing, it’s easy to find the secret achievement details on your Xbox. . From within a game, open the guide and go to Game Activity > Achievements. When viewing a secret achievement, you can now reveal details such as the title, achievement description, and gamerscore.”

From there, once you take a look at the details, you’ll have the option to hide that achievement’s description again or have it continue to display those details from that point forward. This brings Xbox’s achievement system much closer to Sony’s for PlayStation, which has allowed users to view a game’s hidden trophies since 2016 with PlayStation 4. The feature is sure to save gamers a lot of time, as now they won’t have to. They frantically Google what those achievements are – they can view them in-game or in-app whenever they want.

The June update also brings some smaller and less exciting features. These involve improving the reliability and speed of detecting new updates in your collection or when you start a particular game.

Similarly, PlayStation has also moved a step closer to Xbox with its newly revamped Gaming Plus subscription plans. The plans are a bit more similar to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass, offering a wider selection of games and an artillery of popular classic titles. Either way, it’s a great time to be a console gamer.

Source: Microsoft