Your iPhone’s battery life won’t be a mystery in iOS 16


justin duino

After almost five years of absence from the iPhone, the battery percentage indicator returns in iOS 16.

In 2017, Apple stopped showing iPhone users exactly how much juice they had left because the iPhone X’s notch made space a premium issue. People could still find the exact number, but they had to swipe down in the control center to see it. Users could also see how much battery life they had on the lock screen when the phone was connected to power.

In the most recent beta version of iOS 16, Apple appears to have resolved the issue by placing the percentage of power within the battery graph. Restoring the battery percentage indicator has been one of the most requested features for iOS ever since the company removed it from the status bar.

But some iPhone models may not see the return. According to mac rumors, iPhone 12 mini, ‌iPhone 13‌ mini, iPhone 11, and ‌iPhone‌ XR do not have power percentages in iOS 16 beta. But that may change as the beta process continues and Apple gets feedback from developers and testers.

Apple is expected to release iOS 16 to the public in late summer or early fall 2022.