Your Laggy Google TV Experience Is About To Get Faster


It’s no secret that while Google TV has a lot to offer, it certainly could be better. Chromecast with Google TV and standalone devices have suffered from performance issues, slow software, and low storage issues, but Google is ready to fix it.

For example, the Chromecast with Google TV didn’t get a single update in 2022 until seven months into the year, in mid-July. The dongle instantly received a ton of love and positive feedback upon launch, but that quickly soured due to performance issues and other issues. And that’s before we mention TCL and Sony TVs with Google TV built in.

Google this week announced a major update to its TV platform that should hopefully fix many of these issues for good. More specifically, this update aims to address the two biggest issues users are facing: slow performance and low storage.

According to Google’s blog post, in several areas, including the Google TV home screen, the “For You” tab, live view, and even changing child profiles, everything will be faster than before. From the moment you turn on a Google TV device, the home screen will start up and load faster, getting you to your shows as quickly as possible.

It seems like everything from navigation, scrolling, tab switching, live view, and more received improvements to speed, performance, and animations. Basically, this is Google admitting that their Google TV experience was horrible and has since fixed it. Well, hopefully. Google says the software even uses less RAM, so once you choose what to watch, you’ll be able to stream more stable too.

And finally, Google added a much-needed “Free Up Storage” option in the settings menu. From here, owners can quickly and easily clear cache, uninstall apps or streaming services they no longer use, and reclaim important storage space.

Additionally, new internal changes allow Google TV to automatically free up space in the background to prevent users from seeing storage-related errors. We’re not sure what all that entails, and hopefully it won’t automatically uninstall less-used apps, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Google says these features have already started rolling out to Chromecast with Google TV, and select smart TVs with Google TV should see system updates soon. If you don’t already have a Chromecast with Google TV, grab one from our link below.