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Your next Android app purchase can be as little as 5 cents

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We’re knee-deep in Google’s I/O developer conference, and the company has announced some strange changes to the Play Store. Some of these changes focus on security, while others simply help app developers get more money from customers.

First, Google set June 20 as the deadline for developers to update the data security section of their app. This new section appears in Google Play Store listings and explains what permissions an app will request from your device, along with other security information. And although the Data Security section was released in April (and was announced last year), it has been neglected by many developers, hence the deadline.

Google also encourages developers to use the new Play Integrity API, which detects “fraudulent and risky interactions” from your device. For better or worse, these “fraudulent” interactions include device modifications and installations of downloaded apps. Clearly, the Play Integrity API could reduce app piracy, but I might It will also have an impact on advanced Android users or those who enjoy custom ROMs.

And then there are the changes to the Android payment system. Developers can now charge as little as five cents for apps, game content and subscriptions (previously the minimum was $0.26). Google says this change should help developers sell content in global markets, which makes sense. But the company also suggests that customers can tip app developers for their work. I guess a five cent tip is better than nothing.

Additionally, developers can now offer prepaid app subscriptions that expire after a set period of time. And if your card is declined when an app charges you for a subscription, that app can now prompt you to update your payment method using the Android app’s built-in messaging system.

The Google I/O 2022 conference will run until May 12. You can view the ongoing event live on the company’s website.

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