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Your Steam Library Coming to Nreal’s AR Glasses

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Chinese augmented reality (AR) company Nreal announced that it will bring select Steam games to its popular Nreal Light and Nreal Air AR glasses. In this way, users can enjoy some of their favorite Steam titles from the couch.

The Nreal Light glasses have already caught the attention of gamers for being able to stream titles from Xbox Cloud Gaming and other streaming services to a large 200-inch virtual screen right in your face.

Now, the company has released its first “Steam for Nreal” beta, which allows select Steam games, including the entire Halo franchise and other titles, to work with your AR glasses. And while the app is in beta now and a bit cumbersome to set up, the company said it will be fully available later in June.

Nreal currently says support is limited to select titles, but shortly, it plans to add broader support for the entire Steam library, as well as launch more apps and services.

For those wondering, Nreal AR glasses connect to Android smartphones and don’t have as many features as Microsoft’s HoloLens or MagicLeap. That said, they are still a good option considering the much more reasonable price.

Nreal has also announced its “AR Jam” developer event, which kicks off on June 27. The company is likely to announce new projects and host developer competitions with a grand prize of $10,000.

Give the Steam add-on a try, or if you’re interested, grab some Nreal Light AR Goggles from the link below.

via Android Central

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