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YouTube TV Referral Program Can Save You Up To $450 – Review Geek

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Go annoy your friends and family.

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Earlier this year, YouTube TV launched a referral program that promised deep discounts if you persuade your friends and family to sign up for the live TV streaming service. Now, it’s back and better than ever, with a discount of $45 per referral, more than double the initial program.

Google is looking to sign up more customers now that YouTube TV will have NFL Sunday Ticket in 2023 and beyond. The new referral program gives you a $45 credit every time someone signs up using your code. Better yet, anyone who uses that code will get $15 off at the same time.

To generate your referral link, tap on your profile photo in the YouTube TV app and navigate to “Referral”. Or visit tv.youtube.com/referafriend.

Previously, referrers only received $20, and the friend you convinced to join only received a $10 discount. So YouTube TV is stepping things up to get new subscribers. The code is reusable and you can earn up to $450 in total savings if you get ten people to sign up. Unfortunately, it seems that the same limitations apply as before. With those beings:

  • Eligibility: Discounts only work if you are subscribed to the YouTube TV Base plan. You won’t get a discount if the person you refer has already used YouTube TV or redeemed a free trial.
  • Number of references available: You can successfully refer 10 people for a total of $450 in discount credits. It looks like these are $45 monthly credits.
  • Combine with Coupons: New users cannot combine a referral discount with a coupon.
  • Payment method: Users who pay for their YouTube TV subscription through a third party, for example through their phone bill, are not eligible for this promotion.

Anyone you refer to YouTube must become a paid “Base Plan Member” to qualify. Which means your friends need to sign up for YouTube TV’s basic live streaming plan, which costs $65 a month.

Remember, you can share a YouTube TV membership with four family members for free, so good luck finding enough people to join.

via 9to5Google


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