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ZEBEDEE integrates MoonPay to enable credit card top-ups for Bitcoin games in over 100 countries

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Quick grab:

  • Previously, credit card top-up for Bitcoin was only available to US users.
  • ZEBEDEE’s expanded MoonPay integration eliminates the need for non-US users to leave the app and connect with an exchange.
  • It is now available in all ZEBEDEE supported countries.

Bitcoin gaming infrastructure provider ZEBEDEE today announced expanded integration of MoonPay services, allowing players in more than 100 countries to easily top up their Bitcoin balances with a debit or credit card.

ZEBEDEE and MoonPay partnered earlier this year to enable in-app Bitcoin recharges with credit/debit cards for US users. With the expanded integration, users in over 100 countries can enjoy the same service, eliminating thus the need for non-US users to leave the app and connect with an exchange to top up their game balances in bitcoins.

“We are very excited to bring MoonPay’s easy credit card top-up feature to our global user base,” said Ben Cousens, ZEBEDEE’s chief strategy officer. “Adding funds to your account with minimal effort is the key to bringing the full potential of ZEBEDEE to players, especially since these users usually don’t want to deal with trading. They just want an easy, frictionless experience that enriches what they get out of their time playing.”

ZEBEDEE’s platform allows game developers to integrate Bitcoin rewards into their games, allowing players to earn Bitcoins as they play. However, users outside of the US did not have an easy way to top up their balance with a credit card, which meant they had to win enough in games to shop with their ZEBEDEE balance or deposit Bitcoin from a external source, such as an exchange.

With the expanded integration, players can now top up their Bitcoin balance with just a few taps. This comes as ZEBEDEE recently announced an integration with Bitrefill, to allow players to purchase gift cards without leaving the ZEBEDEE app. This means gamers can now get a full circular economy experience as they earn Bitcoin in games, top up Bitcoin balances with their credit card, and purchase gift cards without leaving the app.

“MoonPay’s mission is to bring the world on board web3. Gamers are by nature curious and tech-savvy, a great combination to shape the future of the internet,” said Halsey Huth, MoonPay’s director of growth and partnerships. “We’re excited to expand our partnership with ZEBEDEE, make it easier for players to transact between web2 and web3 and at the same time bring us one step closer to accomplishing our mission.”

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