11 Reasons Why Today’s Relationships Crumble So Easily

Relationships Crumble So Easily

Why is maintaining a relationship so difficult today?

Why do we experience failures in love so often and despite our many efforts?

Why have human beings suddenly become unable to maintain a relationship?

Have we forgotten how to love?

Or worse, have we forgotten what love is?

1. We are not ready .

We are not ready

We are not ready to make sacrifices, to compromise, to love unconditionally.

We are not prepared to invest all that is necessary for a relationship to work.

We want everything to be easy.

We give up quickly.

At the first obstacle, everything collapses.

We don’t allow our love to grow, we leave before it has time.

2. It is not love that we are looking for

It is not love that we are looking for

But only the passion and the thrill.

We want someone to watch movies with and go to parties with, not someone who understands us deep down.

We spend time together, but we don’t create memories.

We don’t want this boring life.

We don’t want a lifelong partner, we just want someone who makes us feel alive in the present, at a moment.

When the passion fades, we discover that we are absolutely not ready for any reality.

We fail to see the beauty of the predictable: we are blinded by the thrill of adventure.

3. We are immersed in insignificance

City life and this leaves no room for love.

We don’t have time to love.

We don’t have the patience to manage a relationship .

We are busy chasing our materialistic dreams from which love is excluded.

Relationships are nothing more than stepping stones.

4. We seek satisfaction

We seek satisfaction

Immediate in everything we do – in our online publications, in our professional choices and with the people we fall in love with.

From a relationship, we expect the maturity that only comes with time, the emotional bonds that take years to form and a feeling of belonging; when we hardly know each other.

It seems nothing is worth our time and patience, not even love.

5. We prefer to devote an hour

We prefer to devote an hour

To a hundred different people, rather than spending a whole day with just one.

We like to have a choice.

We are social beings.

We prefer to meet people rather than get to know them.

We are greedy.

We want to have it all.

We get into a relationship at the slightest sign of attraction and break up as soon as we find someone better.

We don’t want to see the best in this person.

We want it to be perfect.

We date a whole bunch of people, but never give them a real chance.

Everyone disappoints us.

6. Technology has brought us together

couple love sitting evening
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So much so that it is impossible for us to breathe.

Physical presence has been replaced by texting, voicemail, snapchats and video calls.

Now we don’t have that need to spend time together.

We have too much of each other.

We end up having nothing more to say to each other.

7. We are a “wandering” generation

We cannot stay in one place for too long.

We are all phobic about engagement.

Just thinking about it scares us.

We cannot imagine ourselves all our life with one person.

We are leaving.

We despise permanence, as if it were the evil of the century.

We like to think of ourselves as “different” from others.

We like to think that we are not conforming to social norms.

8.We are a generation that calls itself “sexually liberated” .

We differentiate between sex and love, at least we believe so.

We are the sex-then-break generation.

We make love and decide whether or not we are going to like this person.

Sex is easy; loyalty is less so .

Lying down is the new one to get drunk.

We don’t do it because we love the person, but because we want to feel good.

We need this temporary fullness.

Sex outside the couple is no longer a taboo.

Romantic relationships are no longer simple.

These are free relationships, improved friendships, fleeting affairs, one-night stands, no strings attached – we have driven any form of exclusivity out of our lives.

9. We are the pragmatic generation

Which only works with logic.

We no longer know how to love madly.

We wouldn’t take a plane to a faraway land to find the one we love.

We are breaking up, you know long-distance relationships …

We are too sensitive for love.

Too sensitive for our own good.

10. We are a terrified generation – terrified of loving

Terrified of getting involved, terrified of falling, terrified of being hurt, terrified of being heartbroken.

We don’t open up to anyone, nor do we decide to love unconditionally.

We hide behind these high walls that we have erected, in search of love but, we flee as soon as it appears. Suddenly, we can’t “manage” anymore.

We don’t want to be vulnerable.

We don’t want to reveal our soul to anyone.

We are too on our guard.

11. We don’t even know the value of a romantic relationship anymore

We let go of the most wonderful people, for these “other fish in the ocean”.

Nothing is more sacred.

There is nothing we couldn’t do in this world, and yet we are insanely awkward when it comes to the love game – one of man’s most basic instincts.

And this is called evolution.