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3 Ways a Clean Office and Boost Productivity and Performance

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Is your office in need of a deep clean? As a business owner, it’s easy to feel like there are enough demands on your cash flow, without having to sink money into continual cleaning costs, especially for non-customer-facing areas. 

But, research shows that clean workspaces trigger higher satisfaction and productivity levels in employees. 

If you’re putting office cleaning on the back burner, it might be doing more harm than simply causing a layer of dust to develop. 

Don’t let dirt negatively impact your working environment and employee health. Continue reading to find out why a clean office is a productive, happy office. 

1. Clean Spaces Are Uplifting

One of the biggest reasons why you should keep a clean office is that clean spaces are inherently uplifting.

This is common sense, but, in case you’ve forgotten what it feels like to walk into a clean space vs one that hasn’t seen a broom in two weeks—here’s what the mental health professionals have to say. 

According to mental health experts, dirt and clutter can lead to higher cortisol levels and can directly impact mood and feelings of well-being. If your employees are walking into a working environment that is overdue for a clean, this can subconsciously lead to feelings of stress and impacted mood, before the workday is even fully underway.

Eliminating this source of stress and mental strain sets employees up for success, saving their mental reserves for the things that matter. 

2. Clean Spaces Can Lead To Clearer Minds and Less Overwhelm

Dirty spaces aren’t just mildly stressful to operate in, they can also trigger overwhelm and interfere with concentration. 

Clutter and dirt can directly impact our ability to think clearly. If things are in disarray, one’s mind can subconsciously identify this as a series of tasks that need to be dealt with, subtly distracting you from what you are busy with and causing mental overwhelm.

For instance, if Joe is on the phone with a client, and keeps noticing that the floor under his chair is dirty, subconsciously he is probably thinking that the floor needs cleaning. Even though he isn’t the one who has to do this task, the subconscious stimulus is still there. 

3. A Clean Office Leads to Better Organization

The easiest way to maintain a clean office is to get a commercial cleaning service in. While a commercial cleaning service won’t organize everyone’s desks for them, a clean environment automatically leads to better organization. 

Think about it. If the waste paper bins are overflowing, and there is a layer of dust on every surface, most employees won’t even attempt to create strict order in their workspaces. 

Once everything is wiped down, things will inevitably be more organized.  

A Clean Office Can Reduce Allergy Symptoms

Another big benefit to having regular cleaning done is that clean offices can reduce allergy symptoms, thereby improving employee health. Dust is one of the most common allergy triggers. If a working environment is not cleaned regularly, dust can build up fast. 

Sick employees are definitely not happy or productive employees. Even if someone can still come into work with allergy symptoms, they won’t be able to operate to the capacity that they usually can.

A Clean Office Is a Productive Office

As you can see, maintaining a clean office isn’t just about appearances. Clean offices can improve employee productivity, happiness, and health.  

Looking for more tips on how to run a successful business? Explore our business section for more informative reads. 

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