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7 Tips to Find the Best Motorcycle Dealers in Sydney

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Since last year, the demand for motorcycles has surged in the country. The pandemic is one of the reasons why people prefer two-wheelers now. And in the meantime, public transports saw a decline in passengers.

In 2020, the motorcycle industry in Australia saw a 22.2% growth in the number of two-wheeler units sold (116,569), and it is the best figure in the last eight years. Meanwhile, the Honda motorcycle dealers in Sydney are still at the top, followed by other brands. The people are also very fond of motorcycles, and in cities like Melbourne, Sydney, New South Wales, etc., you can see motorcycle rallies and tournaments.

Sydney is indeed filled with motorcycle enthusiasts, and you can see many motorcycle rallies throughout the year. And some of Sydney’s upcoming famous motorcycle events are Europe Alps, Ride to Bulli Antique Motorcycle Weekend, and Pelican Rally.

So, if you plan to buy a motorcycle or upgrade your old one with new parts, you must find a motorcycle dealer. But, how do you choose the right motorcycle dealer?

This article will let you know the important features to look for to find a great motorcycle dealer.

  1. Is There a Showroom in Your City?

It is better to opt for a dealership in your city, which makes it easy for them to deliver the bike to your home or pick it up for regular service. But, if the dealership is in another city or state, the services and solutions to your complaints will take time to process.

  1. Are the Owner and Staff Passionate About Bikes?

The owner of the dealership doesn’t need to be passionate about bikes as much as you are. But bike enthusiasts will like them to invest more effort to improve their services. Besides, if the staff are motorheads like you, then they will understand your requirements and issues.

  1. Experience

The experience and knowledge of the dealership are important if you are looking for long term/after-sales services. The more experience they have, the better their service will be. So, always look for a reputed and established dealership in your area for quality services.

  1. Checkout Their Workshop

The workshop can tell you a lot about the dealers. If they have all the equipment and skilled workers, good service is guaranteed.

  1. After Sales Service

The after-sales service is a must for every biker. And if the dealership is not giving any after-sale service offers, it is time to look for other dealers.

On the other hand, a dealership that provides after-sales service is guaranteed to look after your motorcycle well, as they will have experience and knowledge about the bikes.

  1. Reviews

Checking for the reviews are necessary before you make the purchase. The reviews will give you an insight into their services and history. Meanwhile, it is normal to have negative reviews about a dealership, but if the negative reviews are a lot more in number, it is better to look for another dealer.

  1. Meet Their Customers If Possible

The existing customers are the best people from which you can get reviews about the dealers. For example, if you visit one of the Honda motorcycle dealers in Sydney, you can connect with the customers via the staff or talk with the customers while visiting the showroom. Also, this is the best way to get genuine reviews about the dealership.

These are the best methods that you can use to select a nice dealership for buying a motorcycle for you. And if you follow these steps before choosing the dealership, the purchase and after-sales services will be great.

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