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7 Ways to Protect Your Ears and Hearing Health

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One can lose their hearing sense if correct protection is not taken. Ignoring basic practices can even lead to deafness. Imagine not being able to hear the sound of nature or your own child’s cry! Your favorite song is playing on the radio but you can’t hear it. A painful situation, right?  Your ears are burdened with the duty of sending sound and information to your brain. So you must keep your ears clean and healthy. Exposure to loud noise can harm your ears. It can damage the sensitive structures in the inner ear. You may get noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL). People of all ages can get affected by NIHL.

What sound can cause hearing loss?

Here is a list of loud sounds that can cause NIHL.

  1. Sound of Power Tools.
  2. Music from headphones or earbuds.
  3. Vehicle sirens.
  4. Concerts.
  5. Gunfire.
  6. Movie theaters.
  7. Loudspeakers. 

Seven tips to protect your ear – 

We should be cautious with our ears. They are a very sensitive area of our body. So in this blog, we will discuss how to protect your ear. Keep reading.

  1. Turn down the volume

Nowadays people use earphones or earbuds while traveling. Due to their hectic schedule, they try to drown out the loud music. They increase the volume of the music. This will affect your ears a lot. This can cause noise-induced hearing loss. Don’t use headphones continuously. Try to keep the volume within 60 percent of the volume. Why not try using over-the-ear headphones in place of earbuds? It will protect your ears. Avoid getting a permanent impairment. There are many safe wireless in ear headphones available in the market.

  1. Avoid using earbuds 

It feels like really good earbuds but you know earbuds are very harmful to your ear. Refrain from using earbuds. Earbuds pushed earwax down the canal. Our ears can clean themself so earwax is a very important thing here. Ear wax stops harmful pollutants from entering the ear. Thus saving the canal. You should stop using earbuds. 

  1. Hearing detox 

If you were exposed to loud music then give your ear some time to heal. You need at least 15 hours of rest. Your ear will surely recover. After spending two hours in 100dB sound, you have to spend some time for ear detox. Recovery time will reduce your chances of hearing damage.

4. Ear protector or earplugs 

You can buy an ear protector or earplugs. They are available at many music festivals or live concert shows. They can reduce at least 15 to 35 decibel sound levels. If you are visiting your favorite rock band then use this and also enjoy their music.

5. Keep your ears dry 

Excess moisture can cause ear infections. The wax will build up in your ear and cause hearing problems. Dry your ear with a towel after taking a bath. Or use a protector after swimming. Chemicals from your swimming pool can also cause harm to your ears.

6. Avoid using cotton swabs 

Never use cotton swabs to clean your ear. Cotton swabs contain chemicals that can absorb your ear wax. Cotton swabs can damage eardrums also. This will cause pain and hearing loss. Sometimes cotton swabs can cause problems with hearing ability. They can directly hit the wall of your ear. So if you are using cotton swabs, Please be gentle with them.  

7. Take vitamins and supplements for better hearing 

Vitamins and minerals along with regular exercise can impact your ear. They all over protect your body from impurities. Several vitamins and minerals have connections with the improvement of ear functioning. Vitamin B provides benefits for your ears. Regulation of fluid levels and oxygen Passover in your ear. Folic acid can promote circulation to your ear. Magnesium also provides healthy nerve function. Zinc takes care of the hair cell in your ear. Also, be cautious with certain medications. They can cause adverse effects on your ear.


There are also other protective measures available. If you are facing hearing problems then consult with your doctor. Go for regular checkups. Limit exposure to loud noises. This will reduce the risk of ear impairment. Earmuffs and earplugs are here to protect your ear.

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