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One of the technological devices that have revolutionized the field of home security is cameras. This has been improving every time over time, and it is one of the options that you should always consider in case you want to keep your home safe. On the other hand, these no longer only serve for security and surveillance tasks with outdoor security cameras in your home, but also to take care of your pets or babies.

Unfortunately, home search rates have been growing in recent years and there is a need to have one of them. Keeping the house under constant observation gives us an air of security. And before buying one, you must know about a series of factors that we will show you through this guide.

The most important

  • Security cameras are devices intended to record and monitor a certain area, with the aim of providing security either to a home, to a business. It also alerts, prevents and helps to clarify different criminal acts.
  • Now there are also different types of security cameras that can be classified, either by the signal they transmit or their technology, by the way they store or record videos and also by their shape or design.
  • This class of devices are not so simple and, therefore, there are factors that intervene in the benefit that you can get from many of them. Some of these criteria are: image quality, night vision, tilt and rotation angles.

The best outdoor security cameras on the market: our recommendations

Within the market there are an infinity of articles that present a series of specific characteristics. Factors such as the speed and the facilities that they can offer are a line by which they have been given. For this reason, we will show you an overview of the security camera market using the five most popular on Amazon.

The smart security cameras

Wyze Cam 1080p HD Indoor Wireless Smart

Wyze Cam 1080p HD Indoor Wireless Smart Cameras

Camera with smart design. Record in 1080p Full HD directly to any smartphone, be it day or night. It works completely normally with 2.4GHz WiFi network (it cannot work with 5GHz WiFi). It can operate with iOS 8.0 and Android 5.0.

It has a motion sensor that alerts you instantly with a notification that includes 12 seconds of recording of what is breaking into your home. It has internal, expandable memory and cloud support. Also with 6ft magnetic cord adjustable to the wall. And, it has 114 ° of vision.

The surveillance security cameras with night vision

Wyze Cam Pan 1080p Pan/Tilt/Zoom Wi-Fi Indoor Smart

Wyze Cam Pan 1080p Pan/Tilt/Zoom Wi-Fi Indoor Smart

Camera capable of recording at 1080p Full HD, including night vision with 6 IR LEDs. It has the ability to distinguish shapes at a distance of 30 ft. 2.4GHz WiFi operation, and a speed of 110 ° / p sec of rotation.

On the other hand, it has 360 ° of horizontal rotation, 93 ° of vertical range for full 360 ° coverage. Automatically scans any type of room through 4 reference points. In addition, it is compatible with Android and iOS to manage the cameras and receive alerts. It has a storage for MicroSD of up to 32Gb.

The surveillance camera with alarm included

A camera system with alarm included. You decide how many cameras to add to this sophisticated system (depending on it, the investment will be greater). It has the option to add accessories, such as a doorbell camera so you can see ahead of visits and a camera dock.

It has the option of night vision of 850 nm LEDs that can light up to 25 ft. It has 130 ° of viewing range, configurable 1280 x 720 recording. Rechargeable batteries, and completely free of cables.

The surveillance security cameras with the best video quality

FullHD 1080p WiFi Home Security Camera

Security Cameras

This camera promises to record in FullHD 1080p quality, with a Sony motion sensor and perfect IR night vision. On the part of its image, how much with a white balance and automatic exposure; a good way to capture fully functional shapes in night vision.

It has an Android and iOS application. It has a storage card slot and unlimited cloud image support in case your camera is damaged. In addition, they are 355 ° of horizontal rotation and 155 ° of vertical rotation.

The full-range surveillance security cameras

KAMTRON HD Home Wireless Baby/Pet Camera

best Security Cameras

Camera with a 360 ° field of view. It has a super IR night vision LED, which detects what is happening around. It can send you notifications of any suspicious movements. You can access the notification time until you watch live.

You can save all your files with a backup cloud or add an SD memory of up to 128GB. It offers a level of financial grade encryption, which is a unique service that the company provides to its users so that it is not shared with anyone else. The app works on Android and iOS.

Shopping guide: What you should know about security cameras

At the time of acquiring a security camera you must know a little about it since it is not any decision that you are going to make. Remember that within this device you are putting the safety of yourself and the people you love at stake. To get to know a little more about them, we are ready to answer the most frequent questions that people have before purchasing one.

What are outdoor security cameras?

Generally speaking, security cameras are devices in charge of monitoring the different activities that take place in your home or business. Basically, its purpose is to detect any type of danger or suspicious activity; in this way crimes are prevented or the perpetrators of the act are known.

Many people have noticed the lack of security within different environments, so security cameras have become an indispensable device for all those who need to monitor the security of their businesses or family. In this way, insurance can be found through constant monitoring, even if you are not present.Rene LavandArgentine illusionist”The relentless surveillance of the cameras does not let me lie.”

How do outdoor security cameras work?

There are different factors that determine the operation of security cameras. Depending on the type, the recording time (either permanent or motion activated) and the way we select the video storage; Only in this way can the operation of the device be explained precisely.

However, it can be said simply that security or surveillance cameras work by recording and sending the image to a recording apparatus and then to a device such as a television, monitor, computer (analog cameras or digital cameras with recorder) or directly to a mobile device or tablet (IP cameras).

What types of security cameras are there?

As we already know, in the market we can find an infinity of articles and different variants. In the case of the security camera, there are basically 2 types. Basically in the market, you will have seen that some say they are analog and others say they are outdoor security cameras with IP technology and you wondered, what does that mean? Well, in this section we explain what they consist of.

Analog cameras

  • Older technology for these devices. Previously they measured their resolution in lines, although new models are already measured in pixels.
  • Generally their price is lower, but they sacrifice image quality.
  • The image is output in analogue, that is, as an alternating current signal.
  • Coaxial type wiring is required for installation and operation, in addition to needing a video storage system.
  • They require cables for each function, that is, one cable for audio, one for sound and one for power, which can result in high costs.
  • They generally outdoor security cameras use a DVR but you can also use sequencers or multiplexers.

Digital or IP cameras

  • Created with the purpose of being viewed through the Internet, either local or wireless network.
  • They can operate wirelessly, but also via coaxial cable or twisted pair cable (UTP).
  • They offer more viewing possibilities, such as zoom, making facial recognition and motion detection easier.
  • Normally, its storage method is through an SD memory card or through a cloud service, but an NVR (Network Video Recorder) can also be used.
  • outdoor security cameras have a much higher image resolution since they usually offer high definition (HD) and in some more sophisticated models even 4K.
  • It is easy to install, when operating wirelessly, and in case of using cables they may require only one for power, video, audio and control.

On the other hand, security cameras can also be classified by their design or shape:

DomeIt is one of the most popular models to be used in homes or small businesses.
It has a “dome” shape with a lens in the center and those with night vision will have infrared LEDs built around the lens.
Bullet or “Bullet”They are elongated in design and are also very popular for home and small businesses.
They are generally suitable for outdoor use.
Its lens is located in the center and it also has infrared LEDs around it.
BoxThey are also a little elongated, but rectangular in shape because it has a box and the lens in front of it, separate.
They are usually more professional cameras aimed at larger businesses or merchants.
In some cases you must choose the lens to use for it.
PTZTheir abbreviations mean “Pan” (rotate horizontally), “Tilt” (rotate vertically) and “Zoom” (zoom), which is precisely what they do.
They are remotely controlled by controls.
They are cameras intended for strictly professional and demanding uses such as department stores, prisons and parks, among others.

What recording and video storage methods exist for security cameras?

It can be said that there are basically three types of storage for video through which you can record through your security camera. As we have previously mentioned, it depends on whether our camera is analog or digital, it will have incidence within the type of storage you need, let’s see the following table.

Storage methodcharacteristics
Digital Video Recorder (DVR)It is used to record images from an analog security system. It
requires a coaxial cable to connect the camera to the video store and from there it is sent to a monitor. It
converts the analog signal to a digital signal.
In some cases it is possible to connect them to the Internet and monitor the camera remotely.
Network Video Recorder (NVR)Connects to the digital or IP camera using a network (UTP) or twisted pair cable
Recommended method when your camera does not have an SD memory card slot
Signal conversion is unnecessary.
Being connected to the network, you can monitor it remotely.
SD memory cardUsed only for digital cameras, as most of them include a slot for this card.
The cameras generally support between 64GB to 120GB of memory.
Recording stays inside the camera, having to empty the memory when it is full.
Very practical since it does not require wiring or any additional video storage system.
It is possible to store the recording in a cloud service, since be it own or external.

For whom is it recommended to purchase a security camera?

These types of security devices are recommended as something essential for companies and businesses. This is especially because you cannot stay all the time and it is much cheaper than paying for a surveillance service. In this way, you will be able to monitor different clients and identify possible threats.

However, this is not limited to just that, they are also very helpful when you want to keep track of your home. You can use them perfectly at home, our homes are no exception in risky cases such as trespassing. In this case you can opt for simpler cameras.

In addition to monitoring your home, it is also perfect when you have very young children or pets, since you can be aware of them anytime, anywhere from your mobile or Tablet. Something very curious is that in some models you can even speak through the device so you can communicate with your little ones.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of security cameras?

Before acquiring a surveillance camera you should think about all those series of situations or characteristics which can come to present pros as cons. Much of this will depend on the use you want to give and the expectations you have of them. Let’s see what are important points to consider.Advantage

  • Peace of mind to be able to have your house or your business under surveillance from any time and place.
  • It can prevent you from theft or other types of threats such as vandalism.
  • It can come to recognize subjects who commit some type of crime against your safety.
  • Powerful warning system, as the presence of cameras can intimidate intruders.
  • Ease of being able to monitor even when not in place through various devices.


  • They can affect the limits of privacy depending on where they are placed, which can be annoying for some people.
  • They can be tricked, as they do not ensure full effectiveness.
  • They are not systems that totally avoid the commission of crimes, since their function is to monitor and deter.

Purchase Criteria

Now that we have answered all your questions, surely you have thought about the option of buying one. However, this is not simply detecting movement, recording and sending some kind of alert, which is still correct; but what gets to change is the form and the own characteristics with which these devices carry out the functions. We will explain the criteria to take into account.

  • Alerts and application
  • Facial recognition
  • Resolution and night vision
  • Viewing angles, tilt and rotation
  • Storage method
  • Motion sensors
  • Two-way audio

Alerts and application

Currently, it is vitally important that the camera you have purchased can send alerts to your phone or device from where you control it, or even to more than one, when it detects any anomaly or movements. This feature makes it easy for you to notice if something is happening, as you cannot be on permanent surveillance.

Some surveillance cameras include the application to monitor and control it from the comfort of your mobile device, tablet or computer. This is the advantage, you can easily see it from anywhere with internet access. In addition, you also have the option to activate the recording, stop it or change the direction of the recording.

Facial recognition

With the impressive technological advance, today we can find some high-end surveillance cameras on the market, which are equipped with this feature that turns out to be very useful. First, through software, the camera analyzes and collates video segments, thereby identifying a person’s physical or facial features.

The operation of this type of surveillance camera is normally based on the recognition of the physical characteristics of people, especially facials. Once these are recognized, the alarm will not activate; on the contrary, when the camera does not recognize the person’s features, it alerts the owner of the person.

Did you know that the first CCTV system was designed by the German engineer Walter Bruch in 1942 and was used for V2 missile monitoring during World War II?

Resolution and night vision

As you must know, the resolution of current cameras in terms of images and recording, can be up to 4k or Full HD. Rest assured that the higher the quality of this, the easier it will be to recognize the characteristics of the suspects or other threats. It all depends on the recording quality it has.

Note that it may be the case that the resolution drops when uploading files to the cloud, which is usually down to 720 pixels (p). Unlike cameras with local storage, which can take full advantage of the pixels for which they have the capacity.

As for night vision, we suggest that any camera you are thinking of purchasing has this function; especially since most intruders operate at night. It should be noted that some cameras will automatically switch to this mode when they no longer perceive lighting and in others you can configure a specific time using a timer.

Viewing angles, tilt and rotation

This is one of the essential features when you consider buying a camera. In this way, you can take advantage of this with this feature, especially because it is about how much and how far it can go to record. This is something that will depend on the model, since many have different viewing angles.

For example, if your camera can pan and rotate, you can cover a larger area, control and point the camera specifically in the direction you want to see. In this case, the cameras that have an application for their operation are much more versatile, since you can control their movements from your technological devices.

Our recommendation for you to take advantage of this feature is that the camera’s viewing angle reaches at least 130 °, which can also rotate almost completely (approx. 355 °) and rotate 80 °. In this way, with these ranges you can count on a vision of almost 360 °. In this way, you can have a wide vision panorama.

Storage method

So you were able to observe in advance regarding the point of vision. An advantage of local storage is that with the use of a memory card or some other storage device, the resolution of the recordings is not reduced. On the other hand, the only disadvantage it presents is the possibility of someone taking it, with no way to recover the recording

In case the storage is through the cloud, you have the advantage of not losing the recordings no matter what an intruder can do to your camera, since you will have everything stored in the cloud.

Motion sensors

Another feature that you should keep in mind is the purchase of a surveillance camera cradle that has motion sensors to alert you of any type of unusual activity. So you can instantly realize that someone has broken into your home or carried out any other criminal act.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that outdoor security cameras are even more sophisticated models that can differentiate shapes such as people, animals, cars, among others. Everything will depend on the range of the device you buy. Thus, you will not receive unnecessary alerts or false alarms due to a pet that is out for a walk.

Two-way audio

One of the no less important features and outdoor security cameras many underestimate is the ability to capture audio. Although the main function of the cameras is to capture the images, it never hurts that you can capture with sound. In this way, you will be able to find out everything that is happening at that moment.

In addition, you can also find surveillance cameras with a built-in speaker, so you can talk through it without being present. It can be very useful to scare anyone who thinks that your home is not guarded; in this way the person will not even try.


Think very carefully about the safety of your relatives and your business, you will be making a great investment which can bring you a long and short term benefit, especially with insurance. The functionality of this device is not exclusive to companies, it can become yours with all the series of advantages that they offer in the comfort of your home.

Do not hesitate at any time about the possibility of investing in outdoor security cameras, since the tranquility of knowing that your children, your home, and your pets are safe when you are not there, is definitely priceless. Likewise, as the owner of an establishment, you will not only be able to monitor your business, but also your employees and clients, who will feel more secure and protected.

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